Wellness Center


This wellness website is designed to provide you with some interesting educational opportunities, some motivational physical activity opportunities and access to the FTCC website to hopefully fill you with more than enough information about how you can become a happier, healthier and more well rounded individual.

Through the "4 the Health of It!" website we will offer various professional developments on a wide variety of topics.  You can expect to see nutritional issues discussed, interesting fitness related topics introduced, and even some hands on events like yoga, pilates and relaxation techniques. We plan to be very pro-active in the battle over obesity by offering a variety of PED classes and fitness programs that hopefully will appeal to the majority of our faculty and staff on campus. We hope that you will find a PED class that will fit into your schedule. 

Lastly, we are providing you with a direct communication link; a Wellness Website.  This website will provide up to date information, programs, health issues and health related information at FTCC and in the community. Our hope is that this site will assist you in educating yourself on what you need to do to meet your personal health and fitness goals.

We are very excited about this opportunity to serve FTCC and aid in our faculty and staff's overall wellness and promote a healthier lifestyle.  Our hope is that it will start with you as faculty and staff members and continue to your families, friends and beyond.