Welcome back to FTCC!

If you are a continuing student and have already registered, click this link to certify your classes for enrollment. You MUST recertify when any changes are made to your schedule. You MUST keep us aware of any changes that are made to your schedule, otherwise you may be under/over paid. Immediately upon enrolling in classes/changing your schedule simply click the link above to recertify to let us know. Once we receive your certification we will certify your classes and send you an email confirmation.  Retain that email for your records.

Who is your veteran advisor?

Students with last names beginning with A - G contact Sam McFadden

Students with last names beginning with H - P contact James Kost

Students with last names beginning with Q - Z contact Charlene Pierce-Jordon

**ALL VOC Rehab students will contact Charlene regardless of last name**



Unless Advance payment is requested and received, you will be required to pay all tuition, fees and books out of pocket.  The Chapter 33/ Post 9-11 GI Bill pays tuition and fees directly to the school.  If you qualify, a monthly housing allowance and annual book stipend are paid to the student.

Confirm your residency status during the admissions process.  VA only pays in-state rates, if you are an out of state student you will have to pay the difference before you can be certified.

Contact 1-877-823-2378 or GI Bill website for direct deposit information.



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