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What can an advisor help me with?

• Assist in the development of an educational plan which reflects both short and long-term goals
• Interpret placement test scores for appropriate course selection
• Provide an unofficial transcript evaluation
• Assist with selection and sequencing of classes
• Provide college resource and support service information
• Provide a graduation review for the desired degree or certificate program
• Help facilitate transfer to another college or university


An advisor will help you select the classes you need to meet your goals and assist you with long-range planning for your education.


ACADEMIC ADVISORS meet with new and continuing students. Advisors help review program planning sheets and help new students select their first semester of classes based on their assessment scores.


Your responsibilities:

• Obtain and keep program requirement sheets detailing the classes you need for your degree or certificate 
  information. Get 
these from your advisor or click on the appropriate link below.
• Maintain your college records, including transcripts from other colleges and your assessment results.
• If you plan to transfer to a four-year school, obtain the admissions and department requirements for your 
  bachelor’s degree.

• Prepare a tentative course schedule, including alternative classes, before meeting with your advisor each