Welcome to Student Activities

New ideas… New friends… New experiences!!! 

 Welcome to Student Activities

 Your college experience is more than lectures, tests, papers and homework assignments.

 It should also be memorable and fun!

We offer you many opportunities for growth outside the classroom. When you graduate or leave FTCC, we hope your experiences here have created profound positive changes in you as a person - a change that gives you a new perspective of the world and a quiet confidence to meet the challenges of career, family and of a global society. We desire to help equip you to become a responsible citizen of the world.

What can you expect?
  •  Exposure to new ideas that challenge your thinking and perceptions
  •  New activities like riding a horse, playing a new sport, learning Salsa dancing
  •  Giving back to the community through projects and fundraisers
  •  Exposure to music, food, arts and culture from places around the world


How can you get involved?

  • Intramural Sports – Over 15 different sports and activities offered
  • Student Government Association (SGA) - Offers you a chance to develop leadership skills and serve students, the College and the Fayetteville/Cumberland Co. area
  • Clubs - Join one of the 35 clubs for the fun of it or to take advantage of professional networking opportunities .
  • Crazy Fun – Have a blast at Fall Festival, Spring Fling, Pizza Nights, Ice Cream Days, Salsa Dancing, Handling Alligators, Music Concerts, Comedians and lots of other insanely fun activities that the SGA sponsors

 Make sure U are part of the FUN!