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Thinking about a career in health care?

Looking for an experience designed to support the needs of students interested in applying to a health major at FTCC?

Wishing you could take your courses in one convenient location?

If you answered yes to any of these questions…the Pre-Health Academy is waiting for you!


The Pre-Health Academy is a unique academic experience at FTCC designed to enhance students’ preparation for applying to any of FTCC’s Health Programs. Several critical outcomes of the Pre-Health Academy include:

1)    cultivating students that are more academically focused and therefore better prepared to transition into health majors;

2)    enhancing students’ insight into the expectations and required skills to succeed in health care fields;

3)    facilitating students’ ability to make intentional connections between their academic and career goals;

4)    fostering students’ development of critical life skills central to their achieving academic, career and personal goals;

5)    coaching and supporting students in identifying a different path early in their academic pursuits if they determine health care is not a fit;

6)    supporting campus retention and graduation goals for students both in and outside of health programs.

This initiative is rooted in academic and student services partnerships across the FTCC community. Below is an FAQ guide that will help answer your specific questions about the Pre-Health Academy.



What exactly is the Pre-Health Academy?

The Pre-Health Academy will offer students interested in applying to a health program the option to take their required courses in one location— here on the Spring Lake Campus! Students will join a close-knit community that provides cutting edge career, leadership, and professional development experiences to enhance their academic course work. The Pre-Health Academy will also offer specially trained advisors and staff to help students successfully navigate their program.  

How will classes be offered?

The courses students must complete to apply to their health program of choice have been structured into a block schedule format. The block schedule enables students to attend the classes they need with little to no course conflict. All courses are located in one building location, which also supports the ease of transitioning from one class to the next.

When Does the Pre-Health Academy Start?

A Pre-Health Academy pilot will be launched during the Spring 2014 semester; the full program debut is Fall 2014.

Does a student have to apply to the Pre-Health Academy?

No separate application is needed! FTCC students who have completed all pre-curriculum English/Reading/DRE courses and DMA 010, 020, and 030 are welcome.

How do Pre-Health students know what courses they need to take?

Students need an Education (Ed) plan to understand the classes they need to take. Students should email: to request their Ed Plan. When requesting an Ed Plan, please include your name, program area of interest and contact information, including FTCC student email address. Ed Plans will be mailed to the students at their FTCC Student email address.

I have my Ed Plan, how do I register for Pre-Health Academy Courses?

Students may register via WebAdvisor or with the assistance of their advisor in the Heath Technologies Building (HTC). Students can also receive registration guidance at the Spring Lake Campus and on Ft. Bragg at the Bragg Training and Education Center (BTEC).

 Howwill students know which courses at Spring Lake are a part of the Pre-Health Academy?

Unique section numbers have been established for the Pre-Health Academy— please refer to courses with section numbers 0310 or 0311.

Will only Pre-Health Academy courses be offered at Spring Lake?

The Spring Lake Campus will continue to offer a variety of curriculum and continuing education courses.

How can students learn about and become involved in the special programs and initiatives included in the Pre-Health Academy?

Once students enroll in classes with section numbers 0310 and/or 0311, they will receive additional information about and invitations to join the unique programs, services and initiatives offered through the Pre-Health Academy. Students may also call 910.678.1000 or email to indicate they are interested in participating in Pre-Health Academy programs.

What type of special programs and initiatives will occur as a part of the Pre-Health Academy?

Students will receive intensive academic support and coaching, be engaged in career assessment and career development programs, have the opportunity to participate in a nationally-known leadership organization, meet and network with professionals in their career field of interest, and become engaged in similar activities designed to deepen their awareness about their own skills and abilities and the skills required to be success in their career field.

How do students and others get additional information about the Pre-Health Academy?

If you have additional questions, please contact: DeSandra Washington, Dean of the Spring Lake Campus—910.678.1000 or