Since parking on campus is a privilege, the following rules need to be followed.

Where to Park
A legal space to park is defined as an area marked with two white lines, two yellow lines, or yellow and white lines spaced far enough apart to allow a vehicle to park safely between.  Areas that have a line on one side and a curb on the other are considered to be a legal parking space. Motorcycles may be parked in the yellow hash marked lines of any parking lot.

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All Persons May Park in Parking Lot #5, the Unpaved Area.  (Permit Required) Oversized Vehicles or vehicles with trailers must use this lot.

Illegal Parking Areas Are:

Other Violations:        
A citation will be issued when a violation of one of the following occurs:        


The “BOOT” will be used when the vehicle operator has repeatedly failed to comply with FTCC Traffic Rules and Regulations. Do not attempt to move the vehicle with the “BOOT” attached.  The vehicle could be damaged.  Contact the Security Office by phone: 678-8433, Emergency Callbox, or come to the Security Office, Rm. 102 in the General Classroom Building (GCB).

A traffic fine of ten ($10.00) dollars must be paid before the “BOOT” is removed.

Cars parked in the ATC Automotive or Auto Paint & Body Shop Parking Areas must have current work orders displayed on the dash.  Those without an authorized work order will be cited, booted, or towed. Whenever any motor vehicle is found to be parked contrary to or in violation of the provisions of any parking regulation, it shall be assumed that the vehicle was parked by the person to whom the vehicle is registered.