1.  How long does it take to finish the Cosmetology Program?

Five (5) semesters for the day student and eight (8) semesters for the evening student.

2.  If I start in the Day program, can I switch to the Evening program?

Yes, after the first year. However, we strongly encourage students to select the program they can complete in the beginning when they start.  Switching to evening or to day is not allowed unless there are extenuating circumstances and will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis, which is based on the best interest of the student.

3.  When do I attend classes?

Classes are held Monday through Friday from 8:00pm until 3:00pm for the day student.  Classes are held Monday through Thursday from 5:15pm until 10:00pm for the evening student.

This schedule is subject to change based on the elective courses that you enroll in. Check with your Advisor for accuracy and follow the schedule as directed.

4.  How much does the program cost?

Please refer to the Registration Information area of the FTCC Web site for current tuition rates.

5.  How much will my books cost?

Please refer to our online bookstore to see costs of the Book Bundle that includes: Milady Cosmetology Textbook, Cosmetology Theory Workbook, Student CD-ROM and Apron (1st Semester Purchase).

6.  How much does the Beauty Kit cost?

Please refer to our online bookstore to see costs of the Beauty Kit (1st Semester Purchase).

7.  What do I need on the first day of classes? (VERY IMPORTANT)

Social Security Card and Valid Drivers License or Military ID, a Beauty Kit, Textbook, Theory Workbook, Student CD-ROM, an apron, a book bundle and the required FTCC black uniform (can be found at Castle Uniform).

8.  Where do I purchase my books and Beauty Kit?

In the FTCC bookstore located on the main campus. Do not purchase your books or Beauty Kit from another source. These items are designed for our program.

9.  Where do I purchase my uniform?

From the FTCC bookstore or Castle Uniforms (243 Tallywood Shopping Center, Raeford Road, Fayetteville, NC  28305)

10.  Where do I take classes?

FTCC's Cosmetology Services Educational Center (CSEC). Please be sure of where your classes are  being held before the first day of classes.

11.  When can I start the program?

New students may ONLY begin taking Cosmetology classes in August (fall semester) or January (spring semester).  New students cannot begin in classes in the summer months; however, they may take General Education Courses needed to satisfy the FTCC Associates and Diploma requirement in the summer unless you are a transfer student.

12. How do I enroll?

Complete a FTCC student application online. Apply with proof of high school graduation or GED in the form of a transcript. Meet with a Cosmetology Advisor to discuss your Educational Plan (Ed. Plan) requirements. Then register for classes at the next available time.

13.  When I graduate from the program, what will I receive?

When you graduate from the FTCC Cosmetology Program, you will receive a Cosmetic Associates or Diploma from FTCC.

14.  How can I satisfy the FTCC diploma requirement?

Upon successfully passing all required Cosmetology Courses, and all required General Education Courses, you will receive an Associates Degree from the FTCC in Cosmetic Arts and be allowed to participate in FTCC graduation exercises.

15.  How many hours do I have to complete in order to graduate?

You must complete a minimum of 1500 hours with FTCC in order to graduate and be eligible  to take the State of North Carolina Cosmetic Arts Examination.

16.  Does FTCC offer an apprenticeship option once I reach 1200 hours?

FTCC does not offer an apprenticeship option.

17. Can I take other courses, like a Business class outside of classes required for a Cosmetology degree while working on my Cosmetology diploma?

Yes, but if you are receiving Financial Aid for Cosmetology, it will not pay for any courses unless it is listed on your Educational Plan.  You must be enrolled in another curriculum for those courses to be covered under Financial Aid.  Check with an Admissions Counselor in Student Services for further details.

18.  Do I have to take the Accuplacer college entrance exam to enroll in the Cosmetology Program?

Yes, the Accuplacer is required to enter the Cosmetology Program.

19.  May I receive Financial Aid for the Cosmetology Program? How do I apply?

Yes, Cosmetology is an approved program to receive Financial Aid, loans and grants. You may apply for Financial Aid (FA) by contacting the FTCC Financial Aid Office or applying online at You must know the FTCC school code 007640 if you wish to apply online. Please contact the FTCC FA Office at 910-678-8242 for further information.

For additional questions, please contact the Cosmetology Department at 910-678-0161/0159