Vehicle Scheduling

ONLY APPROVED DRIVERS ARE ALLOWED TO DRIVE VEHICLES. All drivers must have a license check completed by Moneak Perrington in the Business Office.  A blanket travel form must also be filled out and approved by your supervisor.


**Both license check and blanket travel must be updated each year.


SCHEDULING OF FTCC OWNED VEHICLES FOR FIELD TRIPS is handled by Plant Operations.  Vehicles are available on a first come first served basis and are for College employees only.  To reserve a vehicle, you must submit your request by e-mail to Denise Kinnison (  When submitting the request, follow the guidelines below:


1.  License check - contact Moneak Perrington

2.  Approved blank travel form

3.  Vehicle preference:

* (3) six passenger vans - #2, #4, #5

* (1) nine passenger van - #9

* (3) Sedans - #1, #14, #15

4.  Destination

5.  Departure date and time

6.  Return date and time