plant operations

The Plant Operations Department is committed to enhancing the quality of Fayetteville Technical Community College's physical resources by providing services in safe, timely and cost effective manner. These services include building maintenance and repair, renovations to facilities, grounds keeping and house keeping. The department strives to be effective and efficient.

Vehicle Scheduling

ONLY APPROVED DRIVERS ARE ALLOWED TO DRIVE VEHICLES. All drivers must have a license check completed by Moneak Perrington in the Business Office.  A blanket travel form must also be filled out and approved by your supervisor.


**Both license check and blanket travel must be updated each year.


SCHEDULING OF FTCC OWNED VEHICLES FOR FIELD TRIPS is handled by Plant Operations.  Vehicles are available on a first come first served basis and are for College employees only.  To reserve a vehicle, you must submit your request by e-mail to Cathy Treadwell (  When submitting the request, follow the guidelines below:

1.  License check - contact Moneak Perrington

2.  Approved blank travel form

3.  Vehicle preference:

* (3) six passenger vans - #2, #4, #5

* (1) nine passenger van - #9

* (3) Sedans - #1, #14, #15

4.  Destination

5.  Departure date and time

6.  Return date and time