All office moving requests that will involve telephone and computer equipment, key changes must be approved with your supervisor signing off before submitting a request for this move to the Plant Operations office. When the request is approved and submitted
via e-mail a Work Order Number will be assigned and returned to the requesting party allowing (5) five working days to complete such move.

If your office move does not require telephone moves and computer equipment moves and key changes, please submit the request to Plant Operations via e-mail and a Work Order will be issued requiring (5) five working days to complete such moves.

If your move requires any office items and personal items to be moved, you must box up all of your items and label to ensure your boxes are delivered to the appropriate location. Boxes can be acquired by sending an email request to Denise Kinnison, with appropriate room number for delivery.

Classroom furnishing changes (adding or deleting desks) must be approved by Karen Williams, Curriculum Data Management Technician.

Do not put and leave any furnishings in the hallways; this may be in violation of safety and fire codes.

If you have any other questions regarding any type of moves on Campus, please do not hesitate to e-mail Plant Operations.