Blackboard Release 9.1 Student Tutorials

Blackboard Courses are available to students at 12:01 a.m. the first day of class.

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FTCC Blackboard Basics
Blackboard Quick Start LINK
Blackboard Login Facts LINK
Blackboard URL: LINK

Blackboard Assistance
Web: LINK 
Phone: 1.866.829.9660

Additional Resources
Blackboard 9.1 Student Learning Center LINK
Blackboard Student Help LINK
Clear Web Browser's Cache LINK
Safe Assign Student Guide LINK

Accessibility Features
Watch video tutorials to learn how to use a variety of tools provided in your online course, including grade center, assignments, assessments, discussion board, blog, and many more!

  • All videos are closed captioned. Click the CC button in the player to see the captions.
  • Narration is descriptive of each task from start to finish.
  • Interactivity can be skipped by keyboard stroke.
  • Visual feedback shows the correct click path for all interactive elements.
  • Longer videos allow viewers to skip segments.

Working in your course

  • Checking Your Grades LINK
  • Creating a Blog entry LINK
  • Creating a Discussion Board Post LINK
  • Creating a New Discussion Board Thread LINK
  • Creating and Editing a Wiki Page LINK
  • Course Menu Is Missing LINK
  • Linking Wiki Pages LINK
  • Submitting an Assignment LINK  INFO
  • Taking a test online LINKINFO
  • Organizing Discussion Board Posts LINK
  • Replying to a Discussion Board Thread LINK
  • Viewing Discussion Board Grades LINK
  • Viewing My Contribution to a WikiLINK
  • Working in Group LINK

Staying Organized and Communicating

  • Adding Events to Your Calendar LINK
  • Sending Email From Your Course LINK
  • Stay Organized by Managing Your Course and Personal Task LINK

Setting Your Preferences and Controlling your Environment

  • Adding and Removing Modules from Your Blackboard Page LINK
  • Changing Your Password LINK
  • Changing the Color Theme on Your Blackboard Page LINK
  • Customizing Your Group Homepage LINK
  • Customizing Your Blackboard Page  LINK
  • Editing My Courses Module LINK

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