How to Start

Usernames for Blackboard, Email, Novell and WebAdvisor:

FTCC uses a standard naming convention to establish each account name. This data is taken directly from the registration records. This will also be the login for your Blackboard, Email, Novell and WebAdvisor accounts. The naming standard is:

The first seven characters of your last name, the first letter of your first name and last four digits of your Student ID Number.  (Example: John P. OnlineStudent with ID #1234567    Login is: onlinesj4567 ).Your Student ID Number can be found on your Student ID card, your registration statement or registration mailer.

If your last name is less than seven characters use your entire last name, the first letter of your first name and last four digits of your Student ID number. (Example: Jane P. Doe, ID #1234567 would be doej4567 ).

If your last name is hyphenated or contains another special character do not include the hyphen or special character. (Example: Jane P. Doe-Smith, ID #1234567 would be doesmitj4567 ).

Your birthday (MMDDYYYY) is your initial password, with no dashes or spaces. (Example: January 2, 1980 would be 01021980).

Students enrolled in a Continuing Education Blackboard course site must contact the course instructor for login information.

Although name changes are processed through FTCC's registrar's office, the name change does not affect a student's username used for logging into Blackboard, Email, Novell or WebAdvisor accounts. Usernames remain unchanged

If you have difficulty logging into Blackboard, Email, Novell or WebAccess contact the appropriate area. Contact information is listed on the left side of this page. If your username is not listed please contact FTCC's registrar's office. 

Online Course Deliver System (Blackboard v9.1):

Blackboard Academic Suite©®™ is the course management software used by FTCC for online course delivery. Each student has a unique username for Blackboard that is also used for Campus Computer Access, Student Email and WebAdvisor.

Blackboard courses will be available by 12:01 a.m. on the first day of classes for the semester. Please find the first day of the semester you are enrolled for online. LINK

Continuing Education students should contact the course instructor for Blackboard login assistance.

Blackboard Student Quick Start Guide If you are new to online learning, this guide will help you begin to navigate through the Blackboard system. When you first go to the Blackboard login page, no courses are listed. You must click on the word Login in the right corner (under the Address area) for the Bb login page. The link looks like this: Blackboard Login

Use the following Internet address (URL) to access the FTCC's Blackboard login page: . This is the first Internet page you visit when logging into a course.

Please add this page to your Favorites (or Bookmarks) in your web browser. Using your username and password to log in, you can access your Blackboard courses from any Internet enabled computer running a Windows or Mac operating system.

If you cannot access a Blackboard course you are enrolled in for the current semester, please contact the instructor of the course or the Online Support Center. Find instructor contact information listed in WebAdvisor.

Additional Blackboard Student FAQs are located online.



Email Policy for Online Classes:

All students taking an online course or using Blackboard in a class at FTCC are required to use the email account provided by FTCC to communicate with the instructor and students within the course. Exceptions:

Student email account information is listed online. LINK

Make sure you check your FTCC Student Email Account for's located at . This is where you will receive email from your Blackboard instructors.

Additional support services are listed online. LINK