Media Services



Our goal at FTCC Media Services is to provide quality and timely services to the college administration, faculty, staff and students.  Media Services is made up of two units: Audio/Visual Support Services and Production.

Audio Visual Support Services

Audio Visual Support Services staff set-up and facilitate successful audio and video technical support for campus events as well as assists with the reservation, delivery and repair of multimedia support equipment, video conferencing, and on-campus distribution of satellite teleconferences. 

Media Services Request Form

Audio Visual Event Support

    • Please fill out the Media Services Request form by clicking on the above link to specify specific event audio/visual support needs.
    • Contact Audio Visual Support 910-678-8377 for technical support, special event support and information.

    • On-campus Multimedia equipment requests: 24-hour prior notice to Media Services.

    • Off-campus Multimedia equipment requests: 72-hour prior notice to Media Services.


Faculty/Staff Materials

  • Multimedia materials at the Support Services staff will duplicate and deliver media for educational and classroom use. 

  • Media transfer, DVD, CD duplication services are available. Please keep in mind that we must abide by NC copyright law.
  • You may be asked to sign for materials or equipment.

Satellite Teleconference Down Link Service

To request satellite down linking services:

  • To request Satellite Down linking Services, contact the Office of Institutional Advancement at (910) 678-8209.

  • The Director of Media Services will contact you to make sure that the necessary satellite coordinates and copyright information for the program has been received.
  • Media Services is not responsible for any satellite program not received due to incorrect satellite information or the quality of the signal coming from the satellite.

  • Media Services will downlink the requested program.  If the proper copyright clearance has been filed with the Media Services Director, we will videotape the program for you.

  • If you have been given rights to view the program only, the program signal will be delivered to one of our classrooms equipped to receive the signal.

  • It is the responsibility of the you to coordinate the reservation of the classroom to receive the program, and to secure the necessary copyright permission authorization.

  • Copyright Law prevents the downlink and taping if the necessary letter of copyright  is not on file with the Media Services Director.

  • Contact the Office of Institutional Advancement and the Director of Media Services at least two weeks in advance of the event to ensure that details are in order.

                                     Campus Video Digital Signage    

The Media Services Department maintains a campus-wide digital signage information. A Campus Bulletin Board service is available at all times over Channel 5 of the closed-circuit system. 

  • This campus-side digital signage runs promotional videos and announcements with items of interest to the campus community including student information and services. 

  • To request information added to the campus wide, contact the Director of Media Services.

Multimedia Equipment

We support our educational equipment. We will provide any needed repairs after receiving a trouble report. If you do not know how to operate the equipment you need to use, we will be glad to provide instruction on its setup and use.

Signing out or requesting Multimedia Equipment

  • All requests must come through administration, faculty or staff of the College. 

  • Preference is given to faculty members reserving equipment for scheduled classes.

  • We are not authorized to sign out equipment or multi-media to students or the general public.

  • Email your Multimedia requests to the service desk using the
    Media Services Request Form

  • Multimedia carts are not authorized to be moved outside of the main buildings they are located in.

Academic Support Equipment

  • PA Systems

  • Microphones

  • Projectors

  • Multimedia Computer Carts

  • Television monitors

  • Accessories (cables, projection screens, flipcharts, etc.)

  • Please note that laptops must be requested through MIS

  • Please note that podiums must be requested through Housekeeping.

Fayetteville Technical Community College Copyright Policy

Copyright is a property right which is designed to encourage creative processes by securing for an author the benefits of his or her original work of authorship for a limited time. US Code, Title 17 - Copyrights et sec, states this as law. Fayetteville Technical Community College fully supports in all aspects of the College's activities adherence to the amended Copyright Act of 1976.

It is illegal and against the policy of Fayetteville Technical Community College to use copyrighted materials in violation of the copyright law, license agreements, or copyright owner's permission. Adherence to the copyright law is the responsibility of the employees and students of the College, and they may be liable for any infringement. Each division of the College is responsible for monitoring copyright compliance within its own area. The College forbids the duplication of copyrighted materials in lieu of purchasing the legal copies.

Production Services

Media Productions

The goal of the Media Services Production section is to provide a full range of video, audio, photography and multimedia production services. These include video recording, computer based non-linear video editing, multimedia production, digital video processing, digital video graphics, digital video and audio recording, editing services, and photography.

Production requests (Photography/Media Production)

  • Contact the Janan Warren, Director of Media Services, at (910)678-8439 or via e-mail

FTCC Media Release Form


The Photography section of Media Services provides quality photography coverage of campus events; photo shoots for academic and promotional support and provides staff portrait photography services to the College.

  • Contact Brad Losh (910)678-8344, Media Specialist, for specific photo requests.
  • Please notify the photographer in reasonable time prior to the requested event or photo shoot.
  • Please specify date, time, specific photographic request and purpose so that we can provide specific media files for printing or web use.
  • Media Services has a large database of high-quality digital images that are available for use in classroom instruction and for inclusion in FTCC-related multimedia publications.
  • New staff photos or photo requests from a department are taken in the department studio on a scheduled picture day.
  • Our staff tries to provide photos on disc


Media Production Projects

Media Productions services are available to college Administration, Faculty and Staff.   Equipped with high quality audio and video production equipment, the Media Production section is a completely digital Video/Audio Production and Post Production facility.  Services include scripting, project development, shooting/editing, duplication and delivery of the final product.

    • To request a Media Productions project, contact the Director of Media Services and request a meeting with a Media Production Specialist (Producer).

    • Bring a description of the project requirements and an idea of the program's target audience.

    • Using the notes and outline information provided, the Producer will prepare a draft script.

    • The client reviews the draft and the Media Production Specialist prepares a final draft.

    • When the final draft of the script is approved, the Producer will record voice over of final script.

    • The Producer will be joined by the production team for shooting the video or photographs and preparing any required audio elements.

    • After the video or still photos are completed, the editing process begins.

    • The client is contacted to approve the final edit and necessary dubs are made.

  • The Media Services Director is consulted for approval.
  • The master is cataloged and maintained by Media Services. 

Media Production Timetable

Media Productions Staff will work within the following timetable. This timetable does not allow for any scheduling problems such as the delays encountered due to weather, vacations, or equipment breakdowns that might occur during a production.   The schedule also does not allow for scheduling delays due to the heavy media services work load.

  • Week one: Contact is made with the Director of Media Services and a meeting is scheduled between the Director and the Media Production Specialist. The production is discussed and the necessary authorizations are obtained.

  • Week two: The Media Production Specialist meets with the client and develops a basic outline and draft of the script. Any research necessary for scripting occurs during weeks two and three.
  • Week three: The Media Production Specialist completes the draft and works with the client to prepare a final shooting program script.

  • Week four: shooting begins.

  • Week five: shooting continues with rough editing and required graphics are planned.

  • Week six: shooting and graphic creation is complete and the editing process begins.
  • Week seven: Editing of the program continues.

  • Week eight: Approval of final product.  The client reviews the final program and signs off with final approval.

  • Week nine: duplication and distribution.

  • Week ten: project complete.

Public Relations, Recruitment, Marketing

For projects that will be used in a public relations, recruitment, or marketing applications, a planning meeting between the client, the Associate Vice President for Student Services, the Vice President for Institutional Advancement and the Media Services Director must be scheduled.

  • This meeting will generate a document that is an official request for media production or photography services.

  • This "Request for Services" is forwarded through the client's Dean (Curriculum) or Director (Continuing Education) to the appropriate Associate Vice-President, who has the final authorization on the project.

  • When approved, the Vice President for Institutional Advancement will contact the Director of Media Services, who will assign a Senior Media Production Specialist to begin working with the client on the development of the program.

  • The Media Services Director is consulted for approval. 

  • The Office for Institutional Advancement gives final approval of this completed project only. 


    FTCC is home to Fayetteville Cumberland Educational Television or FCETV Time Warner Cable Channel 5.  We air educational programming,  which promotes the Fayetteville Technical Community College and, partners in education, including Cumberland County, Cumberland County Schools, UNC Pembroke and Fayetteville State University, in accordance with our charter.  Our programming is educational, informative and unbiased.  The FCETV Educational Channel Coordinator reviews all programming to discern if it meets editorial guidelines. Visit for more information.