Chemistry Lab Video Files

1 Liter

Absolute Pressure and Gauge Pressure

Atmospheric Pressure and Boiling Point

Atmospheric Pressure- Cups of Water

Atmospheric Pressure Homeplate and Syringe

Aufbau Diagram

Block Concept

Bohr Model of Hydrogen

Boiling Water in a Syringe

Boyle's Law - Apparatus

Boyle's Law - Balloon and Marshmallow

Boyle's Law - Lungs

Boyle's Law - Marshmallow in a Syringe

Chemical Change

Combination Reactions

Combustion of a Hydrocarbon

Decomposition Reactions


Density and Specific Gravity

Double Replacement - Neutralization

Double Replacement - Precipitation

Dry Ice Subliming

Endothermic Chemical Reaction

Gay - Lussac's Law

Heating a Hydrate

Hydrogen Bonding

Introduction To Chemical Equations

Law of Charges

Lighting a Burner

Liquid Nitrogen - Balloon

Liquid Nitrogen - Charles Law

Magdeburg Hemisphere

Meter Stick

Molecular Geometry - Angular or Bent - Water

Molecular Geometry - Linear - Beryllium Hydride

Molecular Geometry - Linear - Chlorine

Molecular Geometry - Linear - Hydrogen Chloride

Molecular Geometry - Tetrahedron - Methane

Molecular Geometry - Trigonal Planar - Boron Trihydride

Molecular Geometry - Trigonal Pyramidal - Ammonia

Polarity - Bending Water

Single Replacement

Spectral Analysis - Flame Tests

Spectrum of Hydrogen and Neon


Sublevels and Orbitals

Surface Tension

Triple Point Explanation

Triple Point

Vapor Pressure


X Ray Tube Moseley and Atomic Number