WebAdvisor Password Reset & Retrieval

If you created a password hint, WebAdvisor will retrieve the hint which may help you remember your password:

On the WebAdvisor main page click "What's My Password", located on the bottom right corner below the 'Advisors' picture.

On the What's My Password page click "Show My Password" hint.

Enter your User ID and click Submit.  If you cannot remember your User ID, please refer to the instructions on How To Log In To WebAdvisor.

WebAdvisor will display the hint you created.  If you then remember your password, you can continue the process by clicking OK.

If you still don't remember your password, return to the WebAdvisor main page and click "What's My Password" again.

Click "Reset My Password".

Enter your Last Name (not your full username) and either your social security number or your 7-digit student identification number (located on the back of your student ID card).  Click Submit.

Select your student e-mail address in the dropdown box to receive the temporary password and click Submit.

Your temporary password is immediately sent to your student e-mail address.  Retrieve your e-mail and log in with the temporary password.  When you log in you will be required to change your password.  Enter a new password which must be between 6 and 9 characters with at least one number and no special characters or spaces (ie. !@#$%^&*_+).  You may also set a password hint at that time to help you remember your password in the future.