Top 5 Mistakes 

  1.  Write passwords down and store them in accessible areas (under the keyboard, on the monitor, under the mouse pad).  Passwords should be stored securely.

  2. Click on anything that has a link in an e-mail or open attachments that they are not expecting.  Do not accept an attachment if you do not recognize the sender.

  3. Lead personal lives online at work and store personal information on work computers.

  4. Share accounts and log-on information.  This information should be kept confidential.

  5. Walk away from the computers leaving the computer screen unlocked.  Utilize the "Lock Desktop" icon on the deskstop, keyboard shortcut "Windows" key + "L" key and lastly, "CTRL" + "ALT" + "DEL" and when the Novell Security box appears click on "Lock Workstation".


Updated by Ketura Reaves: Revised:  June 19, 2013