Student Express Register

1.    Log in to WebAdvisor.

2.    Click on Current Students.

3.    Under the heading "REGISTRATION" click on Register For SectionsN.

4.    Click on Express Registration.  The Express registration menu will appear on your screen, as displayed below.

WebAdvisor3 Express Registration

5.    Enter the course Synonym Number
the Subject, Course Number, Section Number.

       NOTE:  Entering the course Synonym Number will bring up all of the course information.  See sample below.

WebAdvisor4 Express Registration

6.    Click SUBMIT

       The Register and Drop Sections menu will be displayed.

WebAdvisor5 Express Registration

7.    You can click on any Section Name and Title to get additional information about the course.

8.    Click on the Action arrow and select RG-Register

9.    Review any error messages.  Error messages will appear in red at the top of the screen.

10.  You can click on the Action arrow and select Remove From List for any error classes.

11.  If there are no error messages your Registration Results screen will appear.  The status column for each section will state: Registered for this section.

12.  Click OK to end this registration session.  You will be returned to the WebAdvisor main menu.