Mobile Device Configuration

The information below for synching mobile phone e-mail applications with your FTCC GroupWise e-mail account is provided below "as is".  Every mobile phone is slightly different and may or may not be able to by synched depending on several unpredictable factors.  This information provided has been verified to be correct and any changes will be made to this page as they are confirmed.

Please do not contact FTCC's MIS Department with regards to technical assistance for your personal mobile phone devices.  Your mobile phone carrier's technical support is the best resource available to you for any problems or issues with your personal mobile phone device. 

FTCC is not responsible for any damage and/or losses to your personal mobile phone devices incurred by using this information.




Account Type: POP3
Incoming Server Information
Server Names:
Port:  110

NOTE: Pay careful attention to the fields that your mobile phone requests.  If it wants your username, it is username only.  If it says e-mail address you must fill in your full e-mail address of "".  Passwords are case sensitive.

Outgoing Server Information
Utilize your phone carrier outgoing mail server.  This information can be gathered from the technical support representatives of your carrier.  The FTCC mail server will not relay e-mail out from your phones.


Configuration Best Practices

  • DO always contact your mobile phone carrier technical support for any assistance in setting up new features on your personal mobile phone devices.  Provide them with an explanation of what you are attempting to set up and provide them with the information from this page.
  • DO check the preferences and options sections of your phone's e-mail setup application.  Many items such as signature, time between e-mail checks and so on can be found there.  Simply checking a different check box is all it takes to set new choices.  Your phone carrier technical support can also direct you to specific features if you are still unable to find the option you are looking for.
  • DO ensure you have a limitless data and text plan.  Different carriers charge for e-mail using one or the other and some cases even both charges. Without unlimited options too much e-mail could cause your phone bill to skyrocket.
  • DO set your phone to only download about 25 messages at a time.  This should be few enough for a fast download time for your phone.  Attachments do take longer.. You should consider only downloading 10 at a time if the speed is too slow.
  • YOU CANNOT determine which e-mail your phone receives or which it notifies you about.  This setup simply causes your phone to check your GroupWise account for e-mail and alert you if any is new.  It cannot determine sender or whether it is notifying you are 12pm or 12am.
  • DO NOT keep all messages downloaded to your phone stored on your phone.  Smart phones have a lot of memory but there are also several applications and other functions running.  Each phone is slightly different but it is important to keep an eye on available memory for best performance.
  • DO NOT select the check box for deleting mail from the server once your phone downloads it.  This will create a single copy of all mail on your phone only and completely remove it from your GroupWise account.  It will not be recoverable and and unable to be archived.