Additional Campus Resources


Location: Advance Technology Center (ATC) 120

Hours: Monday-Friday, 8am-9:45pm & Saturday, 8am-1pm

Open Lab. In addition, Lab Technicians can help troubleshoot hardware and software problems and help students with saving and retrieving files. NO TUTORING HELP.


TUTORING FOR CIS 110, 111 & 113

Location: Advance Technology Center (ATC) 115

Hours: Friday, 8am-1pm

Students may also contact Roseanne Thomas for help, (910) 678-8323.



Location: Virtual College Center (VCC) 232

Hours: Monday-Thursday, 8am-9pm & Friday, 8am-5pm

The Student Learning Center at FTCC is designed to provide free supplemental instruction to students enrolled in many of the College's college credit (Curriculum) or Pre-curriculum courses.

Qualified Student Learning Center Instructors provide individualized and/or small-group instruction to students in a wide range of subjects, including: English, Mathematics, Science, Business-related, such as Accounting, and Computer help/computer course assistance.

Student Learning Center Instructors also guide students in the use of the many resources available in the Center, including: Course-specific computer software, Audio/Visual aids, Printed materials, and Handouts (Instructor-developed and/or reviewed).



Location: Paul H. Thompson Building

“To provide a learning-centered educational support services to on-campus and distance students through printed material, audiovisual software, media production and equipment, individualized instruction, reference services, and web-based technologies.”