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How do I get started?

Call (910-323-3421) or visit (410 Ray Ave, Fayetteville, NC 28301) our Workforce Development Center to schedule an appointment for the next available orientation. At the orientation, you will receive an overview of the program and available services. You will be informed of what documents are required for eligibility and schedule an appointment to provide the requested documents and complete an application. After completing the application process, you will be assigned to a Case Manager who will contact you to begin the next step. Being eligible for the program does not mean you will be sponsored. Sponsorship depends on the funding and services available, as well as what services you are requesting.


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What documents will be required for eligibility?

Required documents may vary by individual, but everyone will need the following:

-Birth certificate (if born in US)
-US passport
-Certificate of Naturalization
-Certificate of Citizenship

Other required documents include:

-Pay stubs
-Employment verification
-TANF or food stamp verification letter from DSS (applicant's name must be listed)
-Social Security benefits or income

Additional documentation for Youth applicants (aged 16-21)

-TANF or food stamp verification letter from DSS (applicant’s name must be listed)
-Pay stubs
-Employment verification with last six months income

How long does the process take?

 What is a JobLink Center?

Services available to job seekers at the JobLink Career Center include:

Will it cost me anything to participate in a WIA program?

If I am receiving unemployment benefits, can I participate in WIA funded training and continue to draw my unemployment benefits?

If I am receiving financial assistance for my training activity, can I still get WIA funding?

How do I know what is an approved training provider?

Can I attend online classes?