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How do I get started?

Call (910-323-3421) or visit (410 Ray Ave, Fayetteville, NC 28301) our Workforce Development Center to schedule an appointment for the next available orientation. At the orientation, you will receive an overview of the program and available services. You will be informed of what documents are required for eligibility and schedule an appointment to provide the requested documents and complete an application. After completing the application process, you will be assigned to a Case Manager who will contact you to begin the next step. Being eligible for the program does not mean you will be sponsored. Sponsorship depends on the funding and services available, as well as what services you are requesting.


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What documents will be required for eligibility?

Required documents may vary by individual, but everyone will need the following:

  • Cumberland County resident address verification
  • Picture identification
  • Proof of US citizenship

-Birth certificate (if born in US)
-US passport
-Certificate of Naturalization
-Certificate of Citizenship

  • Social Security card
  • Proof of Selective Service Registration (for males born on or after 1/1/1960)

Other required documents include:

  • Birth certificate for applicant’s children under the age of 18 that are living in the home
  • Marriage license if married
  • Court documentation if separated or divorced
  • Proof of income for last six months

-Pay stubs
-Employment verification
-TANF or food stamp verification letter from DSS (applicant's name must be listed)
-Social Security benefits or income

Additional documentation for Youth applicants (aged 16-21)

  • School transcripts (if in school)
  • Diploma (if graduated)
  • Doctor’s note (if pregnant)
  • Child’s birth certificate (if a parent)
  • TABE assessment (to be administered by WDC staff)
  • Proof of low income status for youth (and parents/guardians if under the age of 18  or attending school)

-TANF or food stamp verification letter from DSS (applicant’s name must be listed)
-Pay stubs
-Employment verification with last six months income

  • Proof of Selective Service Registration, if 18 or over
  • Birth certificates for siblings under the age of 18 and living in the home, if the youth is under the age of 18 or attending school

How long does the process take?

  • Shortly after completing the application, you will be contacted by a case manager. Beyond that, it depends on you and the services you are requesting. Failure to make contact with your case manager and not coming in for appointments will prolong the process and may affect your sponsorship with WDC.

 What is a JobLink Center?

  • The Cumberland County JobLink Career Center is the collaboration of the Employment Security Commission (ESC), the Workforce Development Center and other partner agencies for a one-stop shop to address employment and training needs. The JobLink Career Center offers a wide range of user-friendly service options for job seekers, training/education seekers and employers to access comprehensive career training and employment services. The goal is to increase employment and training opportunities for the County’s citizens, as well as serve a connection between businesses and qualified workers to enhance productivity and competitiveness in the workplace.

Services available to job seekers at the JobLink Career Center include:

          • Job listings
          • Job search assistance
          • Resume preparation
          • Interview skills
          • Career information, guidance and assessment
          • Access to training classes, workshops and training resources
          • Free computer and internet access
          • Work Experience and On-the-Job Training opportunities
          • Job Placement
          • Work Registration
          • Labor Market Information
          • Information about education and training opportunities
          • Education and training assistance
          • Unemployment insurance information
          • Assistance with filing for unemployment insurance claims
          • Referrals and eligibility information to other partner agency services
          • NC Job Connector
          • Pipline
          • Financial aid information
          • Proficiency testing

            Services available to employers at the JobLink Career Center include:

        • Recruitment assistance
        • Information on Unemployment Insurance
        • Labor Market Information
        • Rapid Response information in the event of lay-offs or closure
        • Outreach
        • Work Experience and On-the-Job Training opportunities
        • Tax credits
        • Labor Laws compliance information
        • Employee handbook guidance
        • Turnover survey
        • Job analyses
        • Proficiency testing
        • NC Job Connector
        • Office space for employer use during recruitment and interviewing
        • Employer site visits to identify their individual needs and offer on-site assistance
        • Occupational profiles for job positions
        • NC Careers
        • Federal bonding

Will it cost me anything to participate in a WIA program?

  • Monetarily speaking, no. But you are expected to give your time, cooperation and commitment to the process.

If I am receiving unemployment benefits, can I participate in WIA funded training and continue to draw my unemployment benefits?

  • Please contact your Unemployment Insurance representative to ask questions regarding your specific situation.

If I am receiving financial assistance for my training activity, can I still get WIA funding?

  • You are actually required to apply for other financial assistance (i.e. the Pell grant, FAFSA, VA, etc.) before receiving WIA services. Whether or not you are approved for financial assistance, you may still be eligible for WIA funding assistance depending on the training program you choose and the associated qualifications.

How do I know what is an approved training provider?

  •  You can view approved training providers and programs on the NC Stars site.

Can I attend online classes?

  • Yes, WIA funding may be provided for classes taught online.