DDI Interviewing Materials

All interviews must be conducted using the DDI Targeted Selection Interviewing process and all members of the interview panel must have completed DDI training.

Planned Behavioral Questions Library (Contact Human Resources) - This question bank must be kept confidential and should be accessed only by approved Hiring Managers.

In order to prepare for your interviews, you will need:

FTCC Interview Guide, Form I-12 (obtain from fill-in forms)

1.  Open the Planned Behavioral Questions Library (click link above).  Scroll through the table of contents to select your targets.  Type or cut and paste your selected targets into the FTCC Interview Guide where it says "insert target name here" (one per page).  Note: The first page will always be current responsibilities.

2.  Scroll down to your first selected Target to find the Key Actions and Questions that go with it.  Type or cut and paste the three to five most important Key Actions for your selected Target where it says "insert key actions here" on the FTCC Interview Guide.

3.  Type or cut and paste a question that goes with your selected Target where it says, "insert question here" on the FTCC Interview Guide (one question per page).  There are pages for 12 questions however you may only need 8 or 10 (the number of questions is at the discretion of the Hiring Manager).

4. Each panel member will have his/her own Interview Guide for each candidate.  Panel members will use the guide to take notes and assign a rating for each question.

5.  When the interview is complete, the panel chair will use the Interview Target/Question Rating Consensus Sheet, Form I-13, to consolidate the ratings of each panel member.

Interview Target/Question Rating Consensus Sheet, Form I-13 (Panel Chair only; obtain from fill-in forms)

1.  Type or cut and paste the target for each question in the left column titled "Interview Targets."  The first one will always be Current Responsibilities.  You may add a Target for Motivational Fit and/or Communication which are observed throughout the interview and may not have related questions.

2. Insert the names of the interviewers across the top row.

3.  Transfer the ratings of each panel member from his/her Interview Guide to the Rating Consensus Sheet.  You may now have open discussion to come to an agreed upon rating in the final column, "consensus."

4.  Write the name of the person selected for recommendation at the bottom of the form, then sign and date.

5.  Proceed with the hiring packet in the usual manner.

Call Human Resources at 678-8246 if you need assistance.