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Program code: C45340H1

Emergency Medical Science prepares students with the entry-level skills of an Emergency Medical Technician-Basic (EMT-Basic). Students may be eligible to apply for both the state and national certification exams as an EMT-Basic. Credit obtained in these courses may be transferred directly into the Emergency Medical Science associate degree curriculum. 

            H.S. UNIT
          Credit  S-Standard
Fall EMS 110AB EMT Basic* (part one) MWTH 1:00-2:50 4 1 S
EMS 140 Rescue Scene Management online online 2 1 S
OST 141 Medical Terminology I - Med Office* T 1:00-2:50 3 1 S
Spring EMS 110BB EMT Basic* (part two) MWTH 1:00-2:50 4 1 S
HSC 120 CPR  online  online 1 1 S
OST 142 Medical Terminology II - Med Office** T 1:00-2:50 3 1 S
*SAT, ACT, Accuplacer, PLAN, PSAT, Compass, or Asset test scores required
**Course prerequisites apply

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