HSC Logo  How to Enroll - Private and Out-of-County Students 



1.  Complete FTCC Online Admissions Application

New students must apply for admissions as a Special Credit student. For an FTCC online application click here.  For private school and out of county students, please select "Freshman" for entrance status, the proper semester in which you hope to enroll, and "Special Credit" for the intended program of study. It is also vital that students enter their correct Social Security Number when asked. At this time, we are NOT utilizing the Career & College Promise option on the application.

Students must print the confirmation page when they complete the admissions application and take it to their high school counselor.

2.  Select a Pathway/Courses

There are two pathways: College Transfer Pathways and Career and Technical Education Pathways. Please review the listing of pathway programs, as well as eligibility requirements for your selected program.

3.  Complete High School Connections Enrollment Packet

Private school students should see their counselor to get a copy of the enrollment form for 2014-2015. Students from out-of-county high schools should contact us directly to get the form.

This form must be signed by high school counselor or principal, parent, and student.

Please attach a copy of your transcript and relevant test scores. New students and students who missed a major semester (Fall or Spring) should also submit a copy of the online application confirmation page. Continuing students will not have to re-apply.

4.  Register for Pathway/Courses

Private school students should submit their completed enrollment form to their guidance counselor, who will then provide the transcript and test scores for our office.

Out-of-county students should view the "Welcome and General Information" page to see the walk-in times for registration. Please be certain to bring your completed enrollment packet with you.

5. Purchase Books and Pay Fees

Private and out-of-county students can purchase their books by visiting the FTCC bookstore, either online or in person. Students will also owe a total of $30 in fees to cover their student activity fee and technology fee. This fee can be paid online via WebAdvisor or in person at the cashier's office in the Thomas R. McLean Administrative Building on campus.