The High School Connections office has recently made the jump across the parking lot to the General Classroom Building, where FTCC holds its Open House events.

Mary has moved to room 202-M, and Reade and Angela are in 202-F and 202-G, respectively.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have trouble finding us- the phone numbers and email addresses have remained the same. See you soon!

HSC Logo  High School Connections Contact Information  



Mary Schmid

Mary Schmid - High School Connections Coordinator

General Classroom Building, Rm. 202-M

(910) 678-8542



Jessica Matthews

Jessica Matthews - High School Connections Senior Secretary

General Classroom Building, Rm. 202-N

(910) 678-8583





Pamela Gibson

Pam Gibson - College Tech Prep Coordinator

Horace Sisk Bldg., Rm. 619

(910) 678-8505



Reade Rizzolo

Reade Rizzolo - Recruiter

General Classroom Building, Rm. 202-F

(910) 678-8579



Angela Smith

Angela Smith - Recruiter

General Classroom Building, Rm. 202-G

(910) 678-8319



No Image Available

Larry Culbreth- Safety Monitor

Horace Sisk Bldg., Rm. 619

(910) 678-8505



Harper Shackelford

Harper Shackelford - Dean of Enrollment Management and Financial Aid

General Classroom Building, Room 214A

(910) 678-8413



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