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The annual High School Connections Open House will be held on Thursday, March 5th from 5:00 to 7:00pm.

This event has been moved from the original date of February 26th in an effort to accommodate questionable weather conditions. We want our students and parents, as well as FTCC staff and faculty, to travel safely to and from this event.

The event will take place in FTCC's General Classroom Building, located at 2817 Fort Bragg Road. The evening is geared toward rising high school juniors and seniors, but students of all ages and their parents are welcome to attend and learn more about the program. We'll have lots going on, so stop by ANY TIME during the event!

Students will have the opportunity to attend a general information session, submit their online application to FTCC, learn about Campus Safety & Security, and speak directly with our staff and faculty about all the High School Connections classes and programs. We hope to see you there!


Spring 2015 Registration Information

We are still registering students for classes that start March 12th. Call or email us for more information! 678-8542 or schmidm@faytechcc.edu.


Information Regarding Graduation 2015

Each year, students who successfully complete one of the High School Connections Career & Technical Education pathway programs are invited to participate in the college's graduation ceremony. This year's ceremony will take place on Friday, May 15th, 2015 at 6:00pm. Details about the ceremony itself and the graduation application will be shared with the HSC classes during the week of March 30th. High School Connections students do not need to submit the online graduation application. We will bring all required materials to you in class and share all the relevant information.


High School Connections Overview

Career and College Promise provides seamless dual enrollment educational opportunities for eligible North Carolina high school students in order to accelerate completion of college certificates, diplomas, and associate degrees that lead to college transfer or provide entry-level job skills.  There are two ways an eligible high school student can enroll:


          College Transfer Pathway

The College Transfer Pathways (CTP) are designed for high school juniors and seniors who wish to take classes for their bachelor’s degree. CTP classes will transfer seamlessly to any public or participating private college or university.

  Career and Technical Education

The Career and Technical Education (CTE) Pathways are programs of study that provide high school students with the opportunity to earn a certificate in a particular career or technical field.


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