The Mammography curriculum provides American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) registered radiologic technologists the didactic and clinical experience necessary to become ARRT registered mammographers.

Course work includes clinical rotations to mammography facilities, breast anatomy/physiology, patient preparation/education, mammographic procedures, interventional procedures, image analysis, mammographic instrumentation, physics, quality control, and quality assurance.

Graduates will meet the Mammography Quality Standards Act initial training requirements for mammography and      may be eligible to apply to take the ARRT post primary certification in Mammography.

All didactic courses will be offered online. The clinical education course will meet face-to-face 15 hours per week (days and times will vary depending on clinical education site). There are two clinical options, traditional and nontraditional.

Traditional: The program arranges the clinical education site for the student.

Nontraditional: The student arranges her own clinical education site. The site must enter into an affiliation agreement with the college. The student must supply the contact information for the site to include the person who approved the use of the site.   Admission to the program is contingent upon finalized affiliation agreement.

Admissions Process

Phase I

FTCC APPLICATION (opens in a new window)

All students are required to submit an FTCC application.

Please complete all sections so that your application can be processed quickly and accurately. Submit an official high school transcript or GED scores. You must complete the Transcript Request Form and mail it to the institution to have your transcripts sent to FTCC. You should contact the institutions, because a fee may be required for transcripts.

TRANSCRIPT REQUEST FORM  (opens in a new window)

Phase II

Apply for the program with Michelle Walden at the Health Technologies Center, Room 169H, (910) 678-8533 or, starting June 1 for both Fall and Spring semester admission. For out-of-area students, you may submit your request to Make sure you include your name, program, student identification number, and a current phone number. Students must be American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) certified in Radiography to be eligible for the program. Certification status will be verified on the ARRT website by the Program Coordinator. Students must select either the traditional or nontraditional clinical option (see above). Students selecting the nontraditional clinical option must provide contact information for the clinical education site. Admission for the nontraditional option is contingent upon completion of the affiliation agreement between the clinical education site and FTCC.

Students will be admitted on a first come, first served basis.

When submitting the request, students must indicate the semester for which they are applying. Students who choose Fall semester and are not selected will be moved to the Spring semester list after students who originally chose Spring semester.

ESTIMATED PROGRAM COSTS  (opens in a new window)