Health and Fitness Science Program

The Health and Fitness Science program of study is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary for employment in the fitness and exercise industry.

Students will be trained in exercise science and be able to administer basic fitness tests and health risk appraisals, teach specific exercise and fitness classes and provide instruction in the proper use of exercise equipment and facilities.

Graduates should qualify for employment opportunities in commercial fitness clubs, YMCA's/YWCA's, wellness programs in business and industry, Parks and Recreation Departments and other organizations implementing exercise and fitness programs.

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The Health and Physical Education Department also offers a variety of fitness and wellness classes as well as sport specific classes.  These classes are excellent for college transfer students or any student who would like to improve physical and mental well-being.  The curriculum offers different skill levels in many classes ranging from beginner to intermediate.  Through this program students learn skills that will not only increase longevity, but also quality of life.

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Health and Fitness Center Staff and Faculty:

Larzaris Butler, Interim Program Coord./Instructor, HOS 809, (910) 678-8352,

Mary Pines, Fitness Center Coordinator, HOS GYM, (910) 678-9852,

Daniel Rosser, Instructor, HOS 810, (910) 678-9854,

Qadeerah Rasheed-Spriggs, HOS 800, (910) 678-0024,

Heather Gardner,  Instructor,


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