Forever gold campaign


Recruit 50 business partners that contribute at least $1,000 in support of educational and workforce development programs at Fayetteville Technical Community College.  FTCC is helping to put Cumberland County to work.

Funds will be used to help support Fayetteville Technical Community College's most pressing needs that are not covered in the state budget plan, such as scholarships for students, program funds, faculty mini grants, and facility improvement funds.  For example, recent hail storms have created a need to repair roofs unexpectedly.  Many students who typically work and attend school are unable to find jobs and are seeking emergency funding.

During 2012-13 average in-state tuition for a student taking 12 credits per semester is $1,746 per year. Average cost of books for a student taking 12 credits per semester is $1,200 per year. 

You can provide opportunities and promote educational success by helping the FTCC Foundation to:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:  When does the campaign end?

A:  All gifts and pledges should be secured by the end of 2012-13, which ends on June 30, 2012 to count for this

     year's campaign.

Q:  How do I establish a named scholarship?

A:  contribute a minimum of $1,000

Q:  May we count our company's gift if we have already contributed?

A:  We are grateful for all gifts and depend on your support.  The Forever Gold Campaign is a special initiative

      to recruit President's Corporate Partners.

Q:  When does our gift have to be received to be listed in the annual report?

A:  The Forever Gold Campaign ends on June 30, 2013.  All gifts received by that date will be listed during the

      calendar year following the end of the campaign. 

Q:  Will I receive a copy of the Annual Report?

A:  All corporate donors to the campaign at the $1,000 level are guaranteed to receive the report.  If you would

     like to be put on the mailing list, please provide name, address and phone number to the FTCC Foundation.

Q:  How can FTCC help me with my business?

A:  Fayetteville Technical Community College offers a number of continuing education programs, workforce

     development classes and seminars, customized training programs, job fairs, and opportunities to network.

     Contact FTCC Foundation at (910) 678-8441 to be connected to the appropriate person. 

Contribute to Forever Gold on-line, by mail, or by contacting the Foundation Office

All donations may be tax deductible to the fullest extent allowable by law

Thank you to all our supporters who made the 2012-13 Forever Gold Kickoff Breakfast a success!
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