military faq

1. What costs are associated with college enrollment?

The North Carolina Community College system provides quality education at affordable prices:  current tuition rates. Additionally, you will need to purchase the appropriate books for your courses. Effective October 1, 2002, Army Tuition Assistance pays 100% of the tuition.
Military Tuition Information

2. How do I convert my military training to College Credit?

Military Support Specialists are available at the FTCC Fort Bragg Center to assist you. All evaluations are done on a walk-in basis. Please call (910) 678-1050 for available dates and times.

3. When is converted military training added to a transcript?

After completing an evaluation, non-traditional work that has been earned may be converted and entered onto a college transcript once you: select a major, complete the admissions process, and complete one curriculum course with FTCC.

4. How do I drop a Tuition Assistance class?

If you are active duty and need to withdraw from a class, the withdrawal must be done by you through the GoArmyEd portal. If you withdraw for military reasons, TA recoupment is waived. If you withdraw for personal reasons, GoArmyEd will initiate appropriate recoupment procedures.

5. How do CLEP and DANTES Exams help in reaching my Educational goal?

DANTES and CLEP exams are offered free to Active Duty Soldiers, there is no penalty if you do not pass them, and it is a good opportunity to save time and money. Test results will be considered for college credit. If you do not pass, you will have to wait six months before you can take them again. Contact DANTES for more information.

6. If I have not decided on an educational goal or objective, whom do I contact?

The Fort Bragg Center has qualified personnel who can help you determine your educational goals. Contact
(910) 678-1050 and we will be happy to assist you in developing your plan.

7. What is the difference between an Official and Unofficial Military Evaluation?

An Unofficial Evaluation is one that is completed without supporting documentation. This is just to give you an idea of courses that you might be awarded in your college degree. To change from an Unofficial to Official evaluation, you must select a goal (degree track or major) and meet all admissions requirements of the program and college; additionally, you must complete one course with FTCC.

8. What is a SOCAD agreement and how do I get one? Can family members participate?

SOCAD is the acronym for Servicemembers Opportunity College Army Degree. This program was developed to assist Active Duty Military and their family members in their quest for a college degree. Prior to the inception of this program soldiers continually had to meet admissions and residency requirements with different schools.

This program allows service members to select ONE college as his/her home school to: (a) meet the admissions requirements; (b) meet the residency requirements of that school; (c) then be transferred around the world and continue to work on the degree with that home school. A consortium of schools offer courses that are transferable with guarantees in certain programs. Once you have been approved, you can take course work around the world with other SOCAD schools and transfer the work back to the home school to meet graduation requirements. At each visiting college the student can determine appropriate classes needed by looking in the SOCAD handbook to determine equivalent college courses. 

Family members are eligible for and encouraged to participate in the SOCAD program.