Fall  2014

If you are expecting a loan disbursement, please make sure that you have accomplished the following three things.

1.    Complete the Student Entrance Counseling module:

2.    Complete your Master Promissory Note:

3.      You must be enrolled in at least 6 credit hours.


Aid Refund/Disbursement Release Dates

Below are the Fall 2014 scheduled disbursement dates:

  9/29/2014 for 1st time borrowers

for 2nd 8-week classes with start date of 10/16 1st time borrowers (1st installment)   

for 16-week classes with start date of 8/18 (3rd installment)

12/11/2014 2nd 8-week classes with start date of 10/16 1st-time borrowers (2nd installment) 
12/18/2014 2nd 8-week classes with start date of 10/16 1st-time borrowers (3rd installment)

Things To Remember...

Remember that your financial aid amount is based on the number of hours which you are reported attending. If you are in a fast track course (ex: course that begins later in the semester), the amount of your financial aid will be reduced until attendance is reported in these courses.

Loan Disbursements

Those individuals who elect to participate in the William D. Ford Subsidized and Unsubsidized loan program should be aware that loans awarded are disbursed each semester in three installments.  The amount due each student is affected by the number of credit hours taken plus the start date of the courses taken.  Adding courses or Withdrawing from courses may affect your disbursement dates and amount.  For an estimate of the amount of disbursement that you will receive, please visit the Financial Aid Service Center in Room 205 of the General Classroom Building.


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