accepting student loans

Applying for loans at FTCC is easier than ever.  FTCC automatically offers you an estimate of the maximum amount and type of loan(s) that you are eligible to receive.  If you need additional assistance to help fund your education, you can accept the loan(s) with just a couple of clicks. Please follow the steps listed below.





Step 1: Read this before accepting your loan(s).





1.   Loans accrue interest and must be paid back. 

2.   You are under no obligation to use a government loan.

3.   Even though you accept the loan, there are 6 things that you must do to receive a disbursement.

a.      Confirm that your high school transcript or GED or Adult High School Diploma is on file

b.      Be in an eligible program of study for Financial Aid

c.      Log-in to Web Advisor, check “My Documents”  to make sure that you have submitted all supporting      documentation.

d.      Complete the Student Entrance Counseling module:

e.      Complete your Master Promissory Note:

f.       You must be enrolled in at least 6 credit hours.


Failure to complete these 6 requirements will result in you not receiving your loan.





Step 2: Review the following information before accepting your loan.


 knowyourloans    Know your loans loan programs  Loan Basics



Overview of loans 






If I completed a MPN at another school, do I have to do one at FTCC?



loan programs



What are my federal direct loan limits?






What are the interests rates of my direct loans?



loan programs

What happens to my loan if I do not attend at least half time?




What is the difference between a subsidized and unsubsidized loan? 








Step 3: You are now ready to accept your loans.



1.       Log-in to Web Advisor.
2.       Click on Accept or Reject my financial aid awards.
 click on accept or reject my financial aid awards

3.      Choose your academic year that you want to receive the loan(s) in

4.      Click on submit






Step 4: The following actions affect your loan(s) only.  Grants and scholarships are not affected.


1.       You can choose to accept all loans or none with the button in the middle of the page.
2.       Beside the loan estimate, click on the dropdown and select ACCEPT or REJECT.
3.       Click on submit.
4.       Congratulations, you have now either accepted or rejected your loan(s).
 step4part8 accept loan



Disbursement dates are posted on the financial website.

Loan Disbursements

Those individuals who elect to participate in the William D. Ford Subsidized and Unsubsidized loan program should be aware that loans awarded are disbursed each semester in three installments.  The amount due each student is affected by the number of credit hours taken plus the start date of the courses taken.  Adding courses or Withdrawing from courses may affect your disbursement dates and amount.  For an estimate of the amount of disbursement that you will receive, please visit the Financial Aid Service Center in Room 205 of the General Classroom Building.