Blackboard 9.1 SP14 Faculty FAQ's

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FTCC Blackboard Basics

New Faculty Blackboard Accounts : LINK
Blackboard Course Availability and Logins LINK

Blackboard/Snapshot Troubleshooting LINK
Login to Blackboard LINK

FTCC Course Template for Blackboard : Updated 07/24/2014

ADA Formatting Workshop LINK
Download FTCC's Course Template
Download Template Installation Instructions PRINT
Online Standards 2014-2015 LINK
Online Standards - Guided Tour 2014-2015 LINK
EIT Resource Center LINK

FTCC Blackboard Course Standards

Course Review Checklist LINK
SACS & Quality Matters Standards LINK

Additional Resources

Blackboard Instructor Help LINK
Blackboard 9.1 Videos on YouTube SP10SP11SP12SP13
Clear Web Browser's Cache LINK
Universal Subtitles LINK

Course Basics

Assessing Learners LINK
Communicating & Collaborating LINK
My Courses Module List LINK
Understanding & Building Your Course LINK


Unblock Blackboard Videos LINK

Global Navigation and My Blackboard: Tour the new global navigation and My Blackboard. Now all your academic information is organized in one place, providing a consistant quick and easy way to find everything. LINK

My Blackboard Profile: Learn how to create your Blackboard Profile. Your profile is completely separate from your Blackboard account so you can add a picture, a nickname, and even information from Facebook and Twitter. Share your profile with other people at your school so they can get to know you. LINK

Video Everywhere:Use the content editor in Blackboard to create video using your webcam. Upload your recordings directly to YouTube™ using your registered Google® account and YouTube channel. PRINT

Working in the Course Environment

  • The New 2012 Theme LINK
  • Getting Started with Your Course Environment PRINT
  • Your Course Environment LINK
  • Course to Course Navigation - New for Service Pack 8! LINK
  • Select the Page Where Users Enter Your Course LINK
  • Adding a Banner to Your Course Entry Point LINK
  • Creating a Blank Page (for displaying content) on the Course Menu LINK
  • Uploading One or More Files to Your Course LINK

Building Course Content

  • Getting Started with Creating Accessible Course Content - Updated for Service Pack 12! PRINT
  • Getting Started with Course Content PRINT
  • Using the Content Editor - New for Service Pack 10! LINK
  • Comparing the New Content Editor with the Legacy Text Editor - New for Service Pack 10! PRINT
  • Using the Text Editor LINK
  • Editing the Course Home Page LINK
  • Building a Learning Module LINK
  • Adding a Glossary Term LINK
  • Adding Textbook Information to Your Course LINK
  • Creating a Blank Page LINK
  • Creating a Tool Link LINK
  • Adding a URL LINK
  • Creating a Mashup LINK
  • Attaching Course Files to a Content Item - Updated for Service Pack 10! LINK
  • Tour the Course Files Feature LINK
  • Adding Your Own Web Content Through Course Files LINK
  • Create Multiple Rules to Release a Content Item LINK

Setting Permissions

  • Turning Tool Availability On and Off LINK
  • Making Tools Available to Students LINK
  • Changing the Course Language Pack LINK
  • Changing the User Language Pack LINK
  • Permitting and Restricting Guest and Observer Access LINK

Reporting and Course Utilities

  • Turning On Statistics Tracking for a Content Item LINK
  • Running and Saving a Course Report LINK
  • Copy a Course LINK
  • Exporting a Course Package LINK
  • Archiving a Course LINK
  • Importing a Course Package LINK
  • Using the Bulk Delete Feature PRINT

Content Collection

  • Blackboard 9.1 - Content Collection Manual LINK
  • Creating a Folder in the Content Collection LINK
  • Uploading Files to the Content Collection LINK
  • Uploading a Zipped Package to the Content Collection LINK
  • Downloading Files in a Zipped Package from the Content Collection LINK
  • Emailing a File from the Content Collection LINK
  • Linking a File to Multiple Courses from the Content Collection LINK

Content Partner NBC Archives

  • Adding NBC Archives Video Content LINK

Content Partner MCGRAW-HILL

  • Pair Your Blackboard Course with Your McGraw-Hill Connect Section LINK
  • Prepare Your Students for McGraw-Hill Connect and Blackboard LINK
  • Add Your McGraw-Hill Connect Assignments within Blackboard LINK
  • Deploy Your McGraw-Hill Connect Assignments to Blackboard LINK
  • McGraw-Hill Faculty Training Tutorial 17 minutes recorded Collaborate session LINK

Content Partner PEARSON

  • Pearson's MyLab Mastering and Blackboard Learn: The Instructor & Student Experience LINK
  • Pearson MyLab Getting Started Guide for Instructors PRINT
  • Pearson MyLab Getting Started Guide for Students PRINT
  • Integrating Pearson's MyLab with Blackboard Learn LINK

Content Partner CENGAGE

  • Cengage Learning Mindlinks Getting Started GuidePRINT
  • Cengage Learning Mindlinks: Faculty Training Tutorial LINK

Content Partner WILEY

  • WileyPLUS Integration with Blackboard LINK
  • WileyPLUS Getting Started Guide for Teachers PRINT
  • WileyPLUS Getting Started Guide for Students PRINT
  • WileyPLUS Faculty Training Tutorial LINK


  • Safe Assign Instructors Guide LINK


Integrate Web 2.0 Tools into Blackboard Learn
Engage your students by adding new ways to communicate and collaborate to your course. This short document describes and rates the ease of use for 14 free Web 2.0 tools. PRINT

Getting Started with Interactive Tools
Discover the differences among Blogs, Journals, Wikis, and the Discussion Board and how to use each tool effectively in your course. LINK

Using the Discussion Board

  • Interacting with the Discussion Board - New for Service Pack 12! LINK
  • Creating a Discussion Board Forum LINK
  • Creating a Discussion Board Thread LINK
  • Changing Discussion Board Forum Settings LINK
  • Grading a Discussion Board Forum LINK
  • Grading Discussion Board Threads LINK
  • Managing Discussion Board Roles LINK
  • Moderating Discussion Board Forums LINK
  • Rating Discussion Board Threads LINK
  • Replying to a Discussion Board Thread LINK
  • Searching the Discussion Board and Collecting Posts LINK
  • Tagging Discussion Board Posts LINK

Managing Group Work

  • Creating a Group LINK
  • Creating Group Sets LINK
  • Getting Started with Groups LINK

Blogs and Journals

  • Commenting on a Blog Entry LINK
  • Creating a Blog LINK
  • Creating and Editing Blog Entries LINK
  • Creating a Journal LINK
  • Creating and Editing Journal Entries LINK
  • Commenting on a Journal Entry LINK
  • Getting Started with Journal Prompts to Improve Student Writing LINK


  • Adding Rich Content to a Wiki LINK
  • Creating a Wiki LINK
  • Editing a Wiki Page LINK
  • Grading a Wiki LINK
  • Linking Wiki Pages LINK
  • Viewing a Wiki Page History LINK

Announcements and Scheduling

  • Creating Announcements LINK
  • Creating a Course Contact LINK
  • Creating a Course Task LINK
  • Sending Blackboard Messages LINK
  • Sending Email LINK
  • Using the Calendar - New for Service Pack 12! LINK

Assessing Students

Retention Center SP11:The Retention Center provides an easy way for instructors to discover which students in their courses are at risk. Instructors can communicate with struggling students and help them take immediate action for improvement. LINK

Item Analysis Service Pack SP10:Use Item analysis to see statistics on overall test performance and on individual test questions. Identify and easily correct ineffective or misleading questionsand your tests are re-graded automatically. LINK

Grade Center

  • Anonymous Grading LINK
  • Associating a Rubric with a Gradable Item LINK
  • Color Code the Grade Center LINK
  • Creating a Grade Center Report LINK
  • Creating Grading Notes LINK
  • Creating a Grade Rule LINK
  • Creating a Grading Rubric LINK
  • Creating Smart Views LINK
  • Customizing the Grade Center View LINK
  • Getting Started with the Grade Center LINK
  • Getting Started with Needs Grading LINK
  • Grading Assessments Question by Question LINK
  • Grading with Rubrics LINK
  • Viewing and Downloading Grade History LINK
  • Needs Grading LINK
  • Viewing and Downloading Grade History LINK
  • Viewing Grade Details LINK
  • Working Offline with the Grade Center LINK

Tests, Surveys, and Pools

  • Creating a Test LINK
  • Setting Test Options (includes setting the timer for a test) LINK
  • Automatic Regrading - New for Service Pack 8! LINK
  • Getting Started with Automatic Regrading - New for Service Pack 8! PRINT
  • Reading Survey Results LINK
  • Getting Started with Building a Test PRINT
  • Tour the Question Finder Feature LINK
  • Reading Survey Submissions LINK
  • Exporting and Importing a Test or Survey LINK
  • Uploading Test Questions from Microsoft® Excel LINK
  • Awarding Negative Points for Incorrect Answers to Test Questions - New for Service Pack 8! LINK
  • Creating a Fill in the Blank Question - Updated for Service Pack 10! LINK
  • Creating a Short Answer Question LINK
  • Creating a Matching Question LINK
  • Creating a True or False Question LINK
  • Adding an Existing Question to a Test LINK
  • Creating a Calculated Formula Question LINK
  • Creating a Calculated Numeric Question LINK
  • Creating an Essay Question LINK
  • Creating a Fill in Multiple Blanks Question - Updated for Service Pack 10! LINK
  • Creating a Hot Spot Question LINK
  • Creating a Jumbled Question LINK
  • Creating a Likert Question LINK
  • Creating a Multiple Answer Question LINK
  • Creating a Multiple Choice Question LINK
  • Creating an Ordering Question LINK
  • Creating a Quiz Bowl Question LINK
  • Tagging Questions for Reuse LINK
  • Building a Pool LINK
  • Creating a Random Block and Adding It to a Test LINK
  • The Sample Quiz - Help Prepare Students for Online Tests PRINT


  • Downloading Assignments LINK
  • Clean Out Graded Assignment Files LINK
  • Getting Started with Assignments LINK
  • Using SafeAssign LINK

Student Performance

  • Performance Dashboard LINK
  • Sending Notifications LINK

Recommended End of Semester Course Maintenance for Instructors
An archive of each course is completed by Blackboard at the end of the semester. Instructors should also archive and keep a copy of the archive, just in case the collected archives somehow become corrupt. Archive instructions are here.

Instructor's Should Export:

  • Grade centers for each course. Information is located here.
  • Course Reports (Course Statistics in previous versions of Blackboard). Make sure you select All User Activity Inside Content Areas. Statistics are only retained for 180 days. Archives DO NOT retain statistic information. LINK  PRINT

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