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Dental Insurance

  • FTCC full time, non-temporary employees may purchase dental insurance for themselves and their families at group rates. The premiums are payroll deductible and available under the cafeteria plan.

Disability Insurance

  • State Short Term Disability Income Plan - Provided for each full time permanent employee (at no cost to the employee) after he/she has been employed for one (1) year. There is a 60 day qualifying period and benefits can begin on the 61st day of disability. Long Term Disability Income is available after five (5) years of non-temporary service.
  • Colonial Life Short Term Disability - Optional disability (premiums paid by the employee) for non-temporary employees which provides disability benefits due to accident or illness.
  • Worker's Compensation Insurance - Covers employee accidents qualified as work related injuries at no cost to the employee. Liability under the Workers Compensation Act applies to injuries or death on or off campus while on the job.

Medical Insurance

  • State Employees Health Plan - Provided for both active and retired employees. There is no cost to the employee for the Traditional 70/30 coverage. The employee may elect the Enhanced 80/20 plan or the Consumer Directed Health Plan (CDHP) or cover his/her family by paying additional premiums. This premium is payroll deductible and is available under the cafeteria plan.
  • Colonial Life - Provides supplemental coverage for Cancer, Intensive Care, and Personal Accident. This premium is payroll deductible and is available under the cafeteria plan.

Life Insurance

  • FTCC - Provides $15,000 life insurance at no cost to the employee. Additional coverage for the employee and family is optional. This premium is payroll deductible.
  • State - Provides State Retirement System Death Benefit to all non-temporary employees.  After one year of State service if an employee should die while actively employed or within six (6) months after his/her retirement date, the state will pay a lump-sum death benefit to the designated beneficiary.  The amount paid will equal the employee's last 12 months salary, but will not be less than $25,000 or greater than $50,000.

Property/Casualty Insurance

  • MetLife Home and Auto - A program that allows employees to receive special group rates on auto, home and other selected types of insurance.  Payroll deduction is optional.

Vision Care Insurance

  • Employees can choose a full-service vision benefit plan (eye exam & materials) or a materials only vision plan.  Benefits are available from the Community Eye Care Provider Network comprised of ophthalmologists, optometrists, opticians, and optical chains such as, Lenscrafters, Pearle Vision Centers, Sears, and Wal-Mart.

Retirement Benefits

  • Social Security - All employees of FTCC are eligible for social security benefits according to the laws and regulations governing the Social Security Administration.
  • State Retirement System - All non-temporary employees are members of the NC Teachers' and State Employees' Retirement System.  Six (6) percent of the employee's wages are deducted each month and placed in his/her retirement account.  FTCC also makes contributions to this account as mandated by the NC General Assembly.  There are a variety of retirement options available to the employee.
  • 401(k) and 401 Roth - Supplemental Retirement Income Plan - This tax-sheltered savings plan is available to FTCC employees as a supplemental income for retirement, a savings plan, and a base for loans.  This plan is state-sponsored and is administered by Prudential.  The payments are payroll deductible.
  • 457B and 457 Roth - Supplemental Retirement Income Plan - This tax-sheltered savings plan is available to FTCC employees as a supplemental income for retirement, a savings plan, and a base for loans.  This plan is state-sponsored and is administered by Prudential.  The payments are payroll deductible.
  • Tax-Sheltered Annuities-This tax-sheltered savings plan is similar to the 401(k) plan with the exception it is administered directly by the insurance company chosen from an available listing.

Leave/Holiday Benefits

  • Annual Leave - Non-Temporary, non-faculty of FTCC accrue annual leave based on aggregate state service.  The amount of leave earned varies according to the length of service.  On June 30, any employee with more than 240 hours of accumulated leave shall have the excess accumulation transferred to their sick leave account.  Faculty receives Administrative Leave based on the type of contract they sign.
  • Sick Leave - Non-temporary employees of FTCC accrue eight (8) hours of sick leave per month.  There is no limit to the amount of sick leave hours which may be accrued.  This time may be used for doctor's visits, illnesses or death of an immediate family member.  At retirement, unused sick leave may be used to increase an employee's credible service for retirement benefits.
  • Shared Leave Program - This program provides an opportunity for employees to assist another affected by a medical condition that requires absence from work for a prolonged period of time resulting in possible loss of income due to lack of accumulated leave.
  • Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 - Non-temporary employees may request up to twelve weeks of unpaid leave per year based on (1) his/her medical condition; (2) the birth or adoption of a child to an employee-parent; and (3) an employee's need to care for a child, spouse, or parent who has a serious health condition.  Employee must be employed one full year prior to request.
  • Paid Holidays - FTCC observes eleven (11) paid holidays per year.  New Year's Day, Martin Luther King's Birthday, Easter Monday, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving  (2), Christmas (3)


Additional Benefits

  • Cafeteria Plan (IRS Code Section 125) - The cafeteria plan allows employees to have certain insurance premiums deducted from monthly earnings before taxes and social security are computed.
  • Employee Assistance Program - FTCC has established a program with the Cape Fear Valley Health System which allows employees an initial visit with the mental health agency free of charge.  The employee may discuss any problem, work-related or personal.  Any subsequent visit would be the financial responsibility of the individual.
  • Flexible Spending Accounts - Child or Dependent Care Assistance Program and Unreimbursed Medical Expense Program are available to employees.  The premiums are payroll deductible and are available on the Cafeteria Plan.
  • Longevity Pay - Upon completion of ten (10) years of qualifying aggregate state service, employees will receive longevity pay. This lump-sum longevity payment is paid to employees on their service anniversary date and each year thereafter.
  • Mini-Grants - Staff and faculty members may apply to the FTCC Foundation for mini-grants.  The grants are designed to enhance the educational environment.
  • Payroll Direct Deposits - Direct deposit for checking and savings is available to all FTCC employees.
  • State Employees' Credit Union - The State Employees' Credit Union is available for membership to all non-temporary employees of FTCC.  Direct deposits and payroll deduction for the purpose of savings and/or repayment of loans is available.
  • Wellness Center - FTCC strives to provide a healthy, safe environment in which to learn, teach, and grow.  The fitness center provides fitness appraisals by a professional staff.  Support groups for weight loss, stress management, and exercise are available to our faculty, staff, and students.

*Benefit package may change without notice