What is Program Evaluation?

Program Evaluation (sometimes referred to as Degree Audit) is a powerful tool accessible from WebAdvisor that can be used in planning your academic program. You can view and print requirements for your degree program and even explore other programs. Program Evaluation shows both completed and needed courses in order to graduate from that program. It will apply your completed coursework to your active degree program and will also allow you to see how your coursework applies to any other FTCC program.

How do I read Program Evaluation?

Your evaluation may be several pages long. In order to help you understand the evaluation, please browse through the rest of this handout.

How does a "what-if" statement work?

Through Program Evaluation, you can explore the many programs FTCC offers. However, if you are changing your degree program, you will need to see a Counselor located in the General Classroom Building, RM 108.

Is Program Evaluation the same as a transcript?

The degree audit is not the student's official academic record. The transcript is the official record of completed work. An unofficial transcript can be accessed via WebAdvisor under Academic Planning. A request can be sent to the Registration and Records Office to send an official transcript to another organization.

What if my Major is Incorrect?

If your major/program is not correct in our records, your Degree Audit will be incorrect. Your records need to be accurate in the system to provide you with accurate audit information. Stop by Counseling Services to ensure that you are approved for the correct program.

How do I access the Program Evaluation?

Login to WebAdvisor and select the "Current Students" icon.

• Select "Program Evaluation" under the Academic Planning section.

• Select the active program that you want to evaluate and select "Submit." Note: Only the programs for which you have been approved will be listed. If you feel that you have been approved for a program that is not listed, submit a request to Counseling Services to resolve the matter at:


Program Evaluation is not available for General Education (A10300) and General Occupational Technology (A55280) at this time.

• Use the guide listed below to interpret your evaluation. You can print and/or save the evaluation. If you have questions in reference to the data listed on your evaluation, contact your Advisor.

How do I explore another program?

• Login to WebAdvisor and select the "Current Students" icon.

• Select "Program Evaluation" under the Academic Planning section.

• Select a program from the drop-down menu beside "What if I changed my program of study?

• Select "A-All (includes planned)" from the drop-down list beside "What work do you want to include?" and select "Submit."

• Select the most current catalog year. Note: When students are approved for a program, they are approved for the most current catalog year.

• If you desire to be approved for the program you selected, please submit your request to Counseling Services at:


Include your student ID number and the program name and code (ex. Business Administration (A25120)) for which you want to be approved. You will be contacted by email once your approval has been finalized.

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