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Certificate Programs Curriculum Code Effective Date PDF Format
Accounting/Accounting Foundations Certificate C25100H1 Fall 2014 pdf
AC, Heating and Refrigeration Technology/Basic Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Certificate C35100H1 Fall 2014 pdf
Advertising and Graphic Design/Graphic Design Basics Certificate C30100H1 Fall 2014 pdf
Architectural Technology/Green/Sustainable Architecture Certificate C40100H1 Fall 2014 pdf
Automotive Systems Technology/Automotive Suspension, Brakes, and Heating/Air Conditioning Certificate C60160H1 Fall 2013 pdf
Building Construction Technology/Introduction to Building Construction Technology Certificate C35140H1 Fall 2014 pdf
Business Administration/Business Foundations Certificate C25120H1 Fall 2014 pdf
Collision Repair and Refinishing Technology/Basic Collision Repair and Refinishing Technology Certificate C60130H1 Fall 2013 pdf
Computer Information Technology/Hardware and Software Certificate C25260H1 Fall 2014 pdf
Computer-Integrated Machining Technology/Basic Computer-Integrated Machining Certificate C50210H1 Fall 2013 pdf
Computer Programming/Visual Basic Programming Certificate C25130H1 Fall 2014 pdf
Criminal Justice Technology/Introductory Criminal Justice Certificate C55180H1 Fall 2014 pdf
Criminal Justice/Latent Evidence Certificate C5518AH1 Fall 2014 pdf
Culinary Arts/Demi-Chef Certificate C55150H1 Fall 2014 pdf
Electrical System Technology/Basic Electricity, Motors and Controls, and PLC Certificate C35130H1 Fall 2014  pdf
Electrical System Technology/Introduction to Photovoltaic Systems  Certificate C35130H2 Fall 2014 pdf
Emergency Medical Science Certificate  C45340H1  Fall 2014  pdf
Fire Protection Technology Certificate C55240H1 Fall 2015 pdf 
Horticulture Technoplogy/Basic Horticulture Certificate (Replaces C1524AH1 Horticulture Technoplogy/ Management/Basic Horticulture Certificate effective Fall 2013) C15240H1 Fall 2014 pdf
Infant/Toddler Care Certificate C55290H1 Fall 2014 pdf
Manicuring/Nail Technology Certificate C55400H1 Fall 2014 pdf
Medical Office Administration/ Medical Coding and Billing Certificate C25310H1 Fall 2014 pdf
Networking Technology/Cisco Networking Certificate C25340H1 Fall 2014 pdf
Nursing Assistant Certificate C45480H1 Fall 2013 pdf 
Office Administration/Office Assistant Certificate C25370H1 Fall 2014 pdf
Plumbing/Basic Plumbing Certificate C35300H1 Fall 2013 pdf
Simulation and Game Development/SGD Basics Certificate (Replaces C25290C7) C25450H1 Fall 2014 pdf
Web Technologies/Social Media Certificate C25290H1  Fall 2014  pdf
Web Technologies/Web Programming Certificate C25290H2 Fall 2014 pdf
Web Technologies/Web Design Certificate C25290H3 Fall 2014 pdf
Welding/Basic Welding Technology Certificate C50420H1  Fall 2013  pdf