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Certificate Programs Curriculum Code Effective Date PDF Format
Accounting/Accounting Foundations Certificate C25100H1 Fall 2014 pdf
AC, Heating and Refrigeration Technology/Basic Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Certificate C35100H1 Fall 2014 pdf
Advertising and Graphic Design/Graphic Design Basics Certificate C30100H1 Fall 2015 pdf
Architectural Technology/Green/Sustainable Architecture Certificate C40100H1 Fall 2014 pdf
Automotive Systems Technology/Automotive Suspension, Brakes, and Heating/Air Conditioning Certificate C60160H1 Fall 2015 pdf
Building Construction Technology/Introduction to Building Construction Technology Certificate C35140H1 Fall 2015 pdf
Business Administration/Business Foundations Certificate C25120H1 Fall 2015 pdf
Collision Repair and Refinishing Technology/Basic Collision Repair and Refinishing Technology Certificate C60130H1 Fall 2015 pdf
Collision Repair and Refinishing Technology/Basic Estimator Certificate C60130H2 Fall 2015 pdf
Computer Information Technology/Hardware and Software Certificate C25260H1 Fall 2015 pdf
Computer-Integrated Machining Technology/Basic Computer-Integrated Machining Certificate C50210H1 Fall 2015 pdf
Computer Programming/Visual Basic Programming Certificate C25130H1 Fall 2015 pdf
Criminal Justice Technology/Introductory Criminal Justice Certificate C55180H1 Fall 2015 pdf
Criminal Justice/Latent Evidence Certificate C5518AH1 Fall 2015 pdf
Culinary Arts/Demi-Chef Certificate C55150H1 Fall 2014 pdf
Electrical System Technology/Basic Electricity, Motors and Controls, and PLC Certificate C35130H1 Fall 2015 pdf
Electrical System Technology/Introduction to Photovoltaic Systems  Certificate C35130H2 Fall 2015 pdf
Emergency Management Certificate C55460H1 Fall 2015 pdf
Emergency Medical Science Certificate  C45340H1  Fall 2014  pdf
Fire Protection Technology Certificate C55240H1 Fall 2015 pdf 
Horticulture Technoplogy/Basic Horticulture Certificate (Replaces C1524AH1 Horticulture Technoplogy/ Management/Basic Horticulture Certificate effective Fall 2013) C15240H1 Fall 2015 pdf
Infant/Toddler Care Certificate C55290H1 Fall 2014 pdf
Manicuring/Nail Technology Certificate C55400H1 Fall 2015 pdf
Medical Office Administration/ Medical Coding and Billing Certificate C25310H1 Fall 2014 pdf
Networking Technology/Cisco Networking Certificate C25340H1 Fall 2015 pdf
Nurse Aide Certificate C45840H1 Fall 2015 pdf 
Office Administration/Office Assistant Certificate C25370H1 Fall 2014 pdf
Plumbing/Basic Plumbing Certificate C35300H1 Fall 2015 pdf
Simulation and Game Development/SGD Basics Certificate C25450H1 Fall 2015 pdf
Simulation and Game Development/3D Animation Certificate C25450H2 Fall 2015 pdf
Web Technologies/Social Media Certificate C25290H1  Fall 2015 pdf
Web Technologies/Web Programming Certificate C25290H2 Fall 2015 pdf
Web Technologies/Web Design Certificate C25290H3 Fall 2015 pdf
Welding/Basic Welding Technology Certificate C50420H1  Fall 2015 pdf