Disability Support Services

Serving a Diverse Population

Fayetteville Technical Community College is committed to offering equal access to people with disabilities. In compliance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA), the College does not exclude otherwise qualified persons with disabilities, solely by reason of the disability, from participating in College programs and activities; nor are persons with disabilities denied the benefits of these programs or subjected to discrimination.

Students who require the services of an interpreter, reader, note taker or other reasonable accommodations have the responsibility to request these services. It is the responsibility of students who wish to request accommodations to provide appropriate documentation of the disability to the Disability Support Services and to complete the accommodations process. Support services are provided for online, day and evening students with physical, psychological, or learning disabilities.

Disability Support Services offers:

Academic Planning and Progress Monitoring

Admissions, Personal and Academic Counseling

Career Planning

Registration Accommodations (ex. testing accommodations, note takers, recording devices, etc.)

Interpreter Services


Steps to receive accomodations:
 *Make sure your disability documentation is current.  If it is not, please visit your healthcare provider.

1.  Submit your completed disability documentation, a copy of your Student ID card, and a copy or your course schedule to the Disability Support Services.

2.  Your medical documentation and completed intake packet will be reviewed by the Disability Support Services counselor.

3.  You will be contacted to schedule an interview with the Disability Support Services counselor to discuss your specific needs and requested accommodations.

4.  If accommodations are approved, you will sign the purple accommodation forms and give them to your instructors. Purple accommodation forms for online classes will be emailed directly to the instructors.