Cooperative Education

Thank you for your interest in Cooperative Education (or Co-op for short) at FTCC.

Co-op is an educational option that provides students with an opportunity to apply classroom learning in paid (or non-paid) work experience. Students working jobs related to their major and career goals with area businesses, industries, and public agencies.

The Co-op Coordinator, faculty coordinator, and employing supervisor share in the educational process of the student.

Karen Atkinson


Karen Atkinson
Co-op Coordinator


Cooperative Education is changing its name. Effective fall 2014 semester (which begins August 18, 2014), the name "Co-op" will be changed to Work-Based Learning (WBL). All course prefixes beginning with COE will change to WBL prefixes. The name change will affect all community colleges in the state. The North Carolina Community College System is changing the terminology to more clearly reflect the educational experience.

Another change effective fall 2014 semester will be allowing the North Carolina Department of Labor Apprenticeship participation to substitute for WBL reporting criteria for employers. If you participate in the NC DOL Apprenticeship Program, please contact me at or (910) 678-8268.

Additionally, four new curricula are being added: Associate in Arts, Associate in Fine Arts, Associate in General Education, and Associate in Science. This degree area was formerly known as College Transfer. The Work-Based Learning courses for these four curricula will be a little different. All will consist of no more than 1 credit hour (160 work hours). These students will not have to fulfill the 12 credit hours requirement prior to taking a Work-Based Learning course; they may take WBL 111 (Work-Based Learning I) their very first semester. Taking WBL 111 will be a great opportunity for those students who are uncertain of what major to declare. For example, a student entering FTCC into the Associate in Science program straight from high school with the goal of being in Criminal Justice could do "job shadowing" by completing WBL 111 while working with a police department, sheriff's office, etc.


Contact Information:

Ms. Karen Atkinson, Co-op Coordinator
(910) 678-8268 (phone)
(910) 678-8445 (fax)
or (email)

Ms. Gloria Nelson, Co-op Secretary
(910) 678-8453 (phone)
(910) 678-8445 (fax)
or (email)

 Office Hours:

Monday - Wednesday        7:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.
Thursday                            7:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.


Fayetteville Technical Community College
Cooperative Education Office
Room 365, Cumberland Hall
2201 Hull Road/P.O. Box 35236
Fayetteville, NC 28303-0236

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