Employer Benefits

Thank you so much for your interest in Fayetteville Technical Community College Work-Based Learning (WBL) program. WBL was previously titled Cooperative Education (Co-op). WBL is an educational option that provides students an opportunity to apply classroom learning with paid (or non-paid) work experiences. Students are placed in jobs related to their major and career goals in area businesses, industries, and public agencies which provide ascending levels of responsibility and training as students carry out their work assignments. Work-Based Learning is synonymous with the word "internship.".

All WBL students are pre-screened by the WBL Coordinator and only the WBL Coordinator can register students for WBL classes. This is to ensure that every WBL student meets not only FTCC requirements, but also the State of North Carolina requirements. These requirements include:

Minimum GPA of 2.0.
Must be officially enrolled in a program that offers the WBL (or COE) option.
See Program Offerings.
Must have completed a minimum of 12 credit hours in their "major/core" courses.

As you can see, students are not "green" but have a basic foundation. WBL starts at the beginning of every semester at FTCC. We have three semesters:  fall (usually begins August through half of December), spring (usually begins January through half of May), and summer (usually begins the end May through July).

Students work a part-time schedule while attending classes at FTCC. A standard semester is 16-weeks long. Course credit is earned based upon the number of hours worked per week each semester. For one credit hour, a student needs to work 10-19 hours per week (a minimum total of 160 hours per semester). For two credit hours, a student needs to work 20+ hours per week (a minimum total of 320 hours per semester). For three credit hours, a student needs to work 30+ hours per week (a minimum total of 480 hours per semester).

The quality of work performed must meet the standards set forth by employers. Similarly, students must meet the academic standards set forth by the College. Employers determine the rate of pay. They keep in mind the work assignments, background, and educational level of the student along with work quality and the established policies of the employer.

WBL has many benefits for employers:

All sorts of opportunities exist for motivated individuals and interested companies to enter into a mutually beneficial relationship - through WBL.

If you are interested in securing a WBL student/students, complete and submit the Employer Request for WBL Student Form, also located under Employer Forms. Also feel free to view the Employer FAQs. In addition, feel free to contact the FTCC WBL Office at (910) 678-8268 or email the WBL Coordinator, Karen Atkinson, at atkinsok@faytechcc.edu.