arts and science

what is arts and sciences?

Several of the degrees and diplomas offered in the Arts & Sciences area are transferable to four-year colleges and universities. 

An Associate in Arts degree provides a general education for students who wish to continue their studies at a four-year institution.  It promotes a comprehensive view of the liberal arts with an appropriate balance of knowledge in the humanities, fine arts, mathematics, natural sciences, and social and behavioral sciences. 

An Associate in Science degree provides a concentration in mathematics and physical and life sciences.  While this program emphasizes critical analysis and the judgmental skills inherent in the disciplines of science and mathematics, the curriculum also promotes an understanding and appreciation of the arts and humanities. For information regarding this degree, contact Cameron Harmon, 910.678.9882,

An Associate in Fine Arts degree is designed for students who have selected art as a life-long interest or career.  The Associate in Fine Arts degree is offered with four concentrations: General, Art, Drama and Music/Music Education. Graduates will be able to transfer to art programs at four-year institutions or pursue careers in their area of specialization. For information regarding these degrees, contact Seán McDaniel, 910.678.0042,

Associate in Applied Science:  The Advertising and Graphic Design degree/certificates  are designed to provide students with knowledge and skills necessary for employment in the graphic design profession, which emphasizes design, advertising, illustration, and digital and multimedia preparation of printed and electronic promotional materials. For information regarding this degree, contact Victor Forrester, 910.678.8231,

The Associate in General Education degree program is designed for students who wish to broaden their overall knowledge in a variety of subjects, such as English, history, and science.  Course are not selected to train the student in one area of knowledge.  Due to its great flexibility, this degree is not specifically designed for college transfer to other institutions, although some courses may be transferable on a case-by-case basis.  For information regarding this degree, contact Chris Diorietes, 910.678.8443, 

The Interpreter Education (Sign Language) degree is offered in partnership with Blue Ridge Community College.  Learn to communicate and interpret for the deaf community through this unique program, utilizing the North Carolina Information Highway and online courses.  For information regarding this degree, contact José Cruz, 910.678.8546,