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Children 6 weeks through 5 years

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Front Desk - 678-8560


Children's Center







The FTCC Children's Center will provide a safe, nurturing environment for children that satisfies their needs, fosters their desire to learn and establishes the foundation for lifelong educational experiences. Through an effective alliance between the adults in their lives, children will be reassured of their creativity, strengths, abilities, and especially their inherent worth.

At FTCC Children's Center, we approach each child as an individual, by using this approach we hope to establish trust and respect. Each child, no matter how young, realizes he is important and unique. Our priority is to build a foundation based upon a naturally developed love of learning. With a loving, educated staff and a wealth of resources, children are able to be active participants in the realization and expansion of their individual potential.

The underlying principles of our program are:

1. Children learn through active exploration

2. Children initiate their own learning

3. Learning takes place through open-ended experiences

4. Adults are facilitators of children’s learning

We offer programs for infants, toddlers and preschool aged children. In addition to childcare services, our staff offers technical assistance to area childcare providers and educational workshops. Our program offers care and education in a group setting that focuses on the whole child. We promote respect for children and the adults who care for them. The staff is trained to recognize our diverse community and these individual cultural interests are reflected in our curricula, environment, parent/teacher/child interactions and in the professional development goals of our staff.




  Revised: July 5, 2013