Where's my Refund?

Effective August 1, 2014, FTCC students will be able to receive refunds electronically from the College directly into their personal bank account of their choosing. In order to receive refunds, students must take action on WebAdvisor.

You may expect a refund if you are due a disbursement from financial aid, dropped courses within the refund policy time frame, or returned books to the bookstore.

In order to receive direct deposit into your personal bank account, students must login to WebAdvisor and enter their bank account information. Any student who does not provide their banking account information through WebAdvisor will receive a paper check in the mail for any refunds due.  The only exception to receiving a refund through the method you choose is if you paid with a credit card; refunds will be applied back to the card you used.


***Students who are current or former employees, including work study, will not be able to access these options in WebAdvisor. Please contact the Business Office at 910-678-8569 or 910-678-8223 for assistance.***


Log in to WebAdvisor


Important Steps


1) For Direct Deposit: Under “Student Account Information” click on “Bank Information (U.S.)”. Input information into all fields as it pertains to your bank account then click submit. You will receive an automated email to your student email address informing you of the bank account information you added.







 For Check

2) For Check:
Under “User Account” click “Address Change”. If all information provided is correct, no other action is needed. If your address has changed, please update your address to ensure the check will be mailed to the correct address. Be sure to update your address whenever you move to ensure the delivery of any future refunds.




Advantages of receiving refunds by direct deposit:

  • Easy to set up and update
  • Use any bank in the US
  • No waiting on the mail or making trips to the bank or store to cash checks
  • No worrying about where and when your check will be delivered
  • You will not have to worry about lost checks or endure any delays for replacement checks (if a check is lost or stolen, student must wait 10 business days before requesting a replacement check)



  •  When will I receive my refund?

Visit FTCC’s Financial Aid website. The disbursement dates are the days your refunds will be released from the business office:

For Direct Deposit: Your refund information will be electronically sent to FTCCs bank on the disbursement date, and the bank will begin the ACH transfer to your bank account. The normal processing time to have access to your money in your account is 2 to 3 business days.

For Checks: Your refund check will be delivered to the United States Post Office on the disbursement date and will begin the process of delivery to you. Delivery of your check is dependent on the postal service.

  •  Where can I find my routing and bank account number?

The routing and bank account numbers are located at the bottom edge of your check. Routing numbers are always 9 digits long. Bank account numbers may be up to 17 digits long. Below are examples of each type of check:



  • Can I change my bank account information?

Yes! Simply log back into WebAdvisor and select the link “Bank Information (U.S.)” and you will see your current bank account information. Select the delete button and click submit. Follow the steps to enter bank information.