Library fines are paid directly to the library by cash.  Payment by Visa, Discover, or MasterCard must be done in the business office in the Thomas McLean Administration building with written documentation of the amount owed from the library.

Library Contact Number (910) 678-8247





Cost: $5.00 per violation

Fines can be paid at the cashier’s office located in the Thomas McLean Administration Building. Forms of payment taken for parking fines are: Cash, MasterCard, Visa, and/or Discover.

Checks are not accepted for parking fines.

Note: If you want to dispute the ticket you will need to go to the security office located in the General Classroom Building room102.

IMPORTANT: One ticket may have multiple violations marked.

The person to whom the parking permit is registered is the person responsible for all tickets issued to that permit.

Failure to resolve unpaid parking fines could result in one or more of the following:

• No transcripts or grades will be released to the student.

• The student will not be allowed to register for other courses.

Any further violation may result in:

1- Trespass charges being filed with the magistrate.

2- Vehicle being towed.

3- Vehicle may be booted.

4- Suspension of on-campus parking privileges. The Director, Public Safety and Security will determine the appropriate period of suspension.

5- Restricted to a designated parking lot.