What is Weave?

Weave is a web-based assessment management system designed to aide academic institutions through the process of self-assessment. It enables academic, administrative, and support units to formulate and manage their assessment plans and reports.  It includes many user-friendly features, such as the ability to produce reports and to include external standards.  Weave will simplify and facilitate the process of documentation by providing a roadmap to guide units through the assessment cycle.

FTCC adopted Weave in fall of 2008.  All full-time faculty and staff members involved in the assessment process have specific levels of access to this application depending on their assessment roles. Please contact one of the FTCC Weave administrators to receive your access.

The documents listed below will guide you as you enter assessment plan information into Weave:

Beginning the Assessment Cycle Describes the process for entering mission/purpose statement, outcomes, measures, and achievement targets

Ending the Assessment Cycle

Describes the process for reporting findings, filing action plans, and responding to four analysis questions.
Entering Annual Reports Describes the step-by step procedure for entering Program Reviews, Advisory Committee minutes, and End-of- Year Reports

Can I view the assessment plans of other units?

In order to promote collaboration and the sharing of ideas, everyone who has access to Weave can view the assessment reports of other academic or support units.