Information for Department Supervisors

As a Department Supervisor, you are a member of FTCC's Assessment Team and play a key role in ensuring that assessment occurs in a timely manner and follows the prescribed protocol. 

Responsibilities may include:

  • Developing measurable outcomes with well-defined achievement targets
  • Uploading your area's assessment outcomes, measures, achievement targets, findings, with action plans if needed, and appropriate documentation support to Weave
  • Ensuring timely, detailed, and accurate submission of all required components.
  • Providing post-assessment analyses of the achievements within the assessment cycles (Achievement Summary/Analysis)
  • Connecting the end-of-cycle reporting documentation and verifying that it displays under appropriate assessment cycle (use "Annual Report Profile" in the Reports tab to verify completion)
  • Acting as a liaison between the assessment unit and the Assessment Team facilitators and participate in the Assessment professional development activities as assigned by the area supervisors
  • Ensuring that:
    • academic units file Program Reviews and Advisory Committee minutes into their WEAVEonline document management (Annual/ Special Reports)
    • support areas file their end-of-the year report into their WEAVEonline document management (Annual/ Special Reports)

The document(s) listed below provide additional information about specific assessment procedures and external requirements:

Assessment - what we need to prove