Frequently Asked Questions

The following links explain many of the Frequently Asked Questions about our assessment process.  For further explanation, please contact your departmental assessment team leaders.


How do I:

  1. Retrieve or change my Weave password?

  2. Know when assessment items are due (timeline)?

  3. Place a document into the document management?

  4. Upload my program review, end-of-year report, or Advisory Committee minutes?

  5. Start writing learning outcomes?

  6. Find out more about building a rubric?

  7. Know what mistakes to avoid in my assessment planning?

  8. Build a "paper plan" before I start putting my information into Weave?

  9. View my complete assessment report, or the reports of other units?

  10. Know what to put into the Document Management area?

  11. Transfer current outcomes, measures and achievement targets into a future cycle?

  12. Find a single document to use as a general handout for assessment?