Core Competencies

All graduates of North Carolina Community Colleges are expected to successfully complete a minimum of fifteen semester hours of academic credit in the areas of humanities and fine arts, social and behavioral sciences, natural sciences and mathematics, and English composition.  These areas comprise a General Education core.

From within this core, Fayetteville Technical Community College has identified five Core Competencies that support its mission of building a globally competitive workforce to enhance economic development.  Attainment of these competencies promotes graduate success in the work place, facilitates the learning of technical skills, eases the transition to institutions of higher learning, and enhances quality of life regardless of the certificate, diploma or degree obtained. 

Assessment of the five core competencies occurs on an annual basis according to a pre-determined plan. Each competency is written as a student learning outcome with specific measures in place to enable the collection of meaningful data. Achievement targets are clearly defined.  Findings are collected and reported by the area or department supervisor.  When findings indicate that the achievement target is not met, the supervisor and involved faculty devise a plan of corrective action.  In the subsequent assessment cycle, the action plan is implemented.  The findings that are reported at the end of the new assessment cycle provide evidence of whether or not the action plan led to increased success.  

A detailed assessment report for FTCC's Core Competencies is prepared yearly and can be found in Weave under the title " Core Competencies for General Education".  All FTCC users of Weave cloud application have access to this report.  Additionally, a General Education Core Competencies Outcome Matrix is published every year and is housed in the Reports area of the Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment website.

A General Education Assessment Committee, through its charter, is tasked with overseeing  the process of assessing the FTCC Core Competencies.